White Light Book
First appearance Fear Itself
Owned by Lloyd
Current status in Kyle Baldwin's possession.


Lloyd's great grandfather started a small cult called the "White Light" back in the early twentieth century and students often come by to read the group's scripture. At the urging of Cassie, Kyle steals the White Light book.

Isabelle Tyler helps Kyle decode a passage in the white light book. The passage turns out to be a list of people who will survive a promicin shot. The book says that when all the people on the list take the shot, God will come to earth. The list includes scientists, politicians and religious leaders. The last name on the list is Tom Baldwin.

Cassie instructs Kyle to take Isabelle Tyler and go to an old logging town named Evanston located just north of the city. Kyle and Isabelle arrive in Evanston only to find it populated by Jordan Collier and his followers. Kyle uses the opportunity to show Jordan the White Light book. Jordan reads the prophesies and believes the book is the path he's been looking for, and Kyle should be his guide.

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