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Tyler Downing
Tyler Downing.jpg
Portrayed by Matthew Gray
First appearance The New World
In-story statistics
Ability Electricity Control
Disappeared Jan. 9, 1972

Tyler Downing is a 4400 child who befriends Maia Rutledge.

Character History

He went to the 4400 Center as a school. He was also kidnapped along with Maia Rutledge, Olivia Germaine, Duncan Germaine and Lindsey Hammond by "Sarah Rutledge". He lives with his older sister.

4400 Abilities

Through the course of the show, Tyler was able to use his ability to turn lights off from a distance, and slowly his ability evolved into being able to turn out the electricity of an entire house.

Alternate Future

In the new timeline created from the children's abduction, Tyler was sent many years into the past with altered memories of his history. Tyler lived out his life in the past, where he graduated first in his engineering class at Yale University in 1893, and became world-famous for inventing a synthetic petroleum fuel in 1915, ending pollution.

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