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The Marked are a group of people belonging to the anti-4400 faction in the future, and they are first revealed in their eponymous episode. They consist of ten "elites" sent from the future, whose goal is to preserve the timeline as it originally proceeded and to stop the 4400 - in particular, Jordan Collier.

The Marked have taken over the minds and bodies of prominent people in the present day, manipulating the world in total secrecy. Due to the procedure involved in the implantation, The Marked cannot develop powers by taking promicin. They are revealed to have an X-shaped mark behind the left earlobe, as described in 4400 Curtis Peck's trailer for his film The Marked, which would have exposed the entire conspiracy.

The only explicitly revealed agents are Drew Imroth, the CEO of the Ubient Software Corporation; Rebecca Parrish, the director of National Intelligence; and Matthew Ross. It was Ross who primed The Marked's ultimate weapon Isabelle Tyler to destroy the 4400, although the plan faltered when she murdered him.

When Tom Baldwin is sectioned in a mental hospital for reporting Curtis Peck's claims of conspiracy, The Marked implant a sleeper agent inside him. Drew Imroth later reassures his comrades that when they need him, Baldwin will be there for them. After seeing numerous memories belonging to another person, Tom Baldwin is eventually overcome by the being formerly possessing Matthew Ross. Baldwin then uses his NTAC status to his advantage, capturing Isabelle Tyler and blackmailing her into taking back her abilities.

Following an attack on Ubient Software Corporation by a promicin-positive, the rest of The Marked have Drew Imroth kill his host so that he can be implanted into another host, Jordan Collier. Baldwin then forces Isabelle to kidnap Collier.

When Tom Baldwin is later freed from The Marked's control, he tries to rescue Collier, but is captured. However, Isabelle soon turns against The Marked, killing Rebecca Parish and freeing Baldwin and Collier at the cost of her own life. Baldwin, still retaining his memories of being one of The Marked, then gives Collier a list of the remaining seven.

Known members of The Marked include:

  • Matthew Ross (deceased, agent transferred but deceased)
  • NTAC agent Tom Baldwin (alive, agent deceased)
  • Ubient CEO Drew Imroth (deceased, agent transferred)
  • Jordan Collier (agent status unknown (presumed deceased))
  • National Intelligence agent Rebecca Parrish (deceased, agent status unknown (presumed deceased))
  • Cardinal Emanuel Calabria (deceased, agent deceased)
  • General Julian Roff (deceased, agent deceased)
  • Senior White House Advisor Wesley Burke (deceased, agent deceased)
  • Saudi billionaire Sheik Nasir al-Ghamdi (deceased, agent transferred)
  • Chinese Politburo member Song Yu (deceased, agent transferred)
  • Lama Kenpo Norbo (deceased, agent deceased)
  • George Sterling (deceased, agent transferred)