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Held by: Orson Bailey,
Richard Tyler,
Isabelle Tyler,
Kathy Weir
Ability to: Move objects with one's mind

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind.

Characters With Telekinesis


The limits of telekinesis depend on the individual using it and their control. Orson was only able to use his ability in a destructive, uncontrolled manner and wasn't able to stop using his ability with ease.

Richard Tyler needed to have Heather Tobey use her ability on him before he was able to get any form of control, only able to manipulate small, inanimate objects with difficulty but was eventually able to lift whole concrete dividers without difficulty as well as having the control to stop blood flow to the brain, causing unconsciousness.

Isabelle Tyler had control as soon as she became aware of her telekinesis.

The limits of Kathy Weir's ability are unknown.

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