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Susan Farrell
Susan Farrell.jpg
Portrayed by Chilton Crane
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Home Seattle, WA
Parents Mitch Baldwin (deceased)
Children Danny Farrell (deceased),
Shawn Farrell
Siblings Tom Baldwin
Other relatives Kyle Baldwin (nephew)

Susan Farrell was the mother of Shawn and Danny Farrell.

Character History


Susan watches the comet arrive with Danny and Nikki. When the comet seems to be on a collision course with the earth, a panicked Susan calls Tom Baldwin, and asks if there are any shelters to go to. However, Tom says that the best they can do is pray.

Later, when the 4400 are returned, Susan witnesses Shawn in the crowd, on television. She alerts Danny to this. They go pick up Shawn when the 4400 are released, and then they host a welcome-home party for Shawn.

She died when Danny took promicin and developed the ability to spread it like a virus.

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