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Soraya Khoury is a recurring character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Kausar Mohammed.

Soraya is a friend of Jharrel who works in IT and is one of the people called in to help process the thousands of returnees who have descended on Detroit. An acknowledged sci-fi nerd, she herself can't even grasp the bizarre possibilities that might be responsible for the return of all these people.


Helping Jhareel and Keisha

Soraya approaches Jharrel and Keisha, and explains that she was hired to sharpen up the security, during which she analyzed the footage from Shanice's escape. Based on her body language, Soraya concludes that Shanice wasn't prepared for the escape and took advantage of the situation. Furthermore, she suspects that the returnees were either abducted by aliens or time traveled, but Keisha is looking for a more logical explanation. Soraya then asks why Shanice hasn't been allowed to speak with her family after being cleared by medical.

Soraya asks Jharrel and Keisha what happened at Belle Isle after she took the ankle bracelets offline. Keisha is reluctant to share with Soraya, as she doesn't know why she's helping them. Soraya explains that she doesn't like that the government is keeping the returnees locked up. So, if Jharrel and Keisha are trying up help the returnees, then she wants to help the two of them. And so, Keisha plays the video from her camera, which doesn't show much, as the camera breaks when she falls to the ground. Soraya volunteers to head back to the office to see if she can pull anything more from the footage.[1]

Soraya checked the footage but to see if anyone passed through the hallway last night, but no one did. And after working through Keisha's body cam footage, she's still no closer to figuring out what put them to sleep at Belle Isle. Soraya and Jharrel then head into a meeting to discuss the upcoming press event.

Soraya takes LaDonna into the security room and reveals that she has a rough cut of LaDonna's pilot. Soraya recognizes LaDonna and has been watching her since Season 5 of Real Ex-Wives of Miami. Soraya was excited about the spin-off, but then LaDonna disappeared, and her mother claimed that she was in rehab. However, Soraya always suspected that she changed her name and snuck off to MIT, as she recalls LaDonna mentioning computer engineering and her 4.6 GPA. LaDonna refers to Soraya as her very first "stan." Soraya leaves, allowing LaDonna to watch the pilot by herself.[2]

Abilities and Skills

A self-proclaimed "textpert," Soraya, is a skilled technician.


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