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Shanice Murray is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Brittany Adebumola.

Shanice is a driven lawyer, wife and new mother from the year 2005 who is suddenly transported to 2021 only to find that her daughter is now a teenager. She will be a fierce advocate for all those like her who are trying to figure out what happened to them.


Returning to Detroit

Shanice is abducted by a green light on her way back to work from maternity leave in 2005. She is returned to Belle Isle in Detroit, along with 3,999 other people, who were also abducted. They are rounded up by Homeland Security and taken to Bois Blanc Hotel, where by Shanice's account, they are being unlawfully detained, as they are refusing to allow her to go home to her family. However, with Mildred's help, Shanice manages to escape out a back door.

Upon discovering that Logan has moved, Shanice runs over to seek refuge with her old babysitter, Mrs. Grover, from whom Shanice learns that Logan now lives in Palmer Woods. However, the next morning, she finds Jharrel waiting for her. Although, he makes her a proposition. He arranges for her to see her family after she agrees to come back to the hotel with him afterwards.

Shanice arrives at Logan's and is in disbelief when 16-year-old Mariah answers. Logan isn't as pleased to see Shanice as she thought he would be. He accuses her of walking out on them, but Shanice explains that she was taken. Homeland Security arrives, and just as they're about to take her away, Mariah exits with Bridget, Logan's wife, who he has been with for nine years. As Shanice is placed in cuffs and taken away, Logan reveals that he found her note.

Claudette asks Shanice where she disappeared to yesterday. Shanice reveals she got out after a door opened on its own. Claudette concludes that this is why the guards are behaving as so, and asks if it's true that they're in 2021, which Shanice confirms. Shanice adds that they even came after her, which was a lot of trouble to go through for one seemingly ordinary black woman. She begins to wonder why they were taken and returned. For some reason, they're special, meaning they're not powerless and have value.[1]

After Jharrel and Keisha fail to get Shanice to cooperate, they bring in Logan in hopes he can convince Shanice to open up, but all Shanice knows for sure is that she didn't leave, though she did admittedly consider leaving at one point during her postpartum depression, but she never followed through with it. She never told him because she didn't know how to. Shanice asks that Logan bring Mariah by, but he doesn't think that's a good idea, as no one really knows what's happening just yet. He also worries that Shanice could disappear again. On his way out, Shanice asks if he has any other children. Logan reveals that he doesn't.

After a sleepless night along with Andre, and an incident with the guards that leaves Noah wounded, a small group of 4400 are taken to Belle Isle in hopes that they'll be taken again. Instead, Rev reveals that they've been sent to the future with an unknown mission and that some of them came with powers. Afterward, Shanice heads back to her room, where she finds Mariah waiting for her.[2]

Reuniting with Mariah

Shanice is a bit shocked that Mariah stands before her and asks how she got inside her room. Mariah reveals that Hayden let her in and that she came against her father's wishes, as she truly wanted to meet her. They embrace, and Shanice seemingly sees a memory of Mariah hugging Bridget and referring to her as "Mom." This startles Shanice, who tells Mariah that she never would've left her by choice. Mariah recalls her father mentioning a letter and asks her mother if it's true. Shanice initially lies and says no, but then admits that she did in fact write the letter. Mariah is upset that her mother has lied to her, so much so that she leaves.

Shanice fears that they're going to use this press event to further screw over the 4400. Not to mention her emerging abilities. Andre believes that with patience and study, they can identify and control their abilities. Even so, it would make Shanice no better at being a mom, recalling how she lied to Mariah. Andre advises Shanice to go easy on herself and simply be honest to Mariah.

Shanice is taken to see Logan and Mariah, who reads Shanice's letter word-for-word about how she wasn't meant to be a mother. Shanice begins to cry as she tries to explain that she never meant for Logan to read that letter. She simply had a moment of weakness and never intended to leave them. And now that she's back, she's willing to be there for them. Mariah accepts her apology and runs into her mother's arms.[3]

Skills and Abilities

  • Memory visualization: Shanice's ability first manifested when she hugged her daughter Mariah for the first time in 16 years. For just a moment, she saw brief memory of Mariah hugging her stepmother and calling her "Mom."


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