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The third season of The 4400 ran from June 11 to August 27, 2006. Like the previous season, it featured thirteen episodes, with the first two episodes of the season airing on the same night as a two-hour premiere.


Image Episode Title Episode Number Original Airdate
The New World 301/302 June 11, 2006
As the 4400 all develop or refine their abilities, the inquiry into the inhibitor scandal is used by the newly formed Nova Group, a terrorist group that call themselves the defensive wing of the 4400, as an attempt to assassinate Dennis Ryland. The NSA loan NTAC's Gary Navarro in an attempt to find more about the Nova Group and stop them before a threatened demonstration of their power. Isabelle and Lily's sudden aging causes concern at the 4400 Center. Maia has difficulty controlling her ability and Diana Skouris asks for help from Kevin Burkhoff, seeing promicin on his desk. Gary is interrogated to find the name of the Nova Group. Matthew Ross returns to the 4400 Center and reveals his true colors. Diana confronts Dr. Burkhoff about the promicin on his desk. Lily passes away. Maia starts school at the 4400 Center. The Nova Group demonstrates their strength.
Being Tom Baldwin 303 June 18, 2006
Tom Baldwin is accused of the murder of the only Nova Group member in custody, which happened while he was at his home. Dr. Burkhoff develops an ability. Richard Tyler leaves the Center to distribute Lily's ashes. Isabelle tries to make up for growing up literally overnight.
Gone, Part I 304 June 25, 2006
Several 4400 children have been taken. Maia gives several premonitions about her disappearing and Diana forgetting her. Soon, her sister Sarah appears. When Sarah turns out not to be related to Maia, NTAC puts full attention to finding her. Richard finds financial statements in the Lily and Shawn's healing foundation, where Shawn had taken money out of to fund the Nova Group.
Gone, Part II 305 July 2, 2006
When driving in a deserted dream world with Alana, Tom runs over a young girl with no face, who later shows up in other worlds. When working on a separate case, Diana acts strangely, revealing that she has been trying to find the right face to someone she can't identify. Using Alana's ability, she learns that the girl is her daughter Maia. When she learned Maia's fate, she goes back into the dream world and refuses to leave. It's now up to Tom to save both Diana and Maia. Also, Daniel Armand, leader of the Nova Group, threatens Shawn if Richard doesn't help Nova.
Graduation Day 306 July 9, 2006
Due to Daniel Armand's attack on Shawn, he is admitted to Abendson Psychiatric Hospital. While the Center and NTAC look through legal channels, Isabelle deals with it her way and no one is able to stop her, leaving several bodies in her wake.
The Home Front 307 July 16, 2006
NTAC has rounded up most of the Nova Group, with only Gary Navarro remaining. Just as he is about to be apprehended, he is tipped off. The investigation is taken from NTAC and given to Haspel Corporation, headed by Dennis Ryland, as it is revealed that Alana made the call. Nikki Hudson returns, asking Shawn to help her father.
Blink 308 July 23, 2006

Tom and Diana are both given baskets of cookies that have been laced with a new drug that the DEA is investigating. While looking into the case, they both start to hallucinate people who have caused issues they haven't gotten past. Shawn tries to break up with Isabelle, while she wants to get married. When she presents her reasoning, both Richard and Shawn are terrified.

The Ballad of Kevin and Tess 309 July 30, 2006
Kevin Burkhoff has disappeared and Tom and Diana turn to Tess Doerner for help. Diana starts presenting the symptoms of Kevin's promicin treatment and Richard seeks help from Heather Tobey with his ability.
The Starzl Mutation 310 August 6, 2006
Several murders occur involving a 4400 ability but a description of the murderer doesn't match any 4400 on record. Shawn and Isabelle's wedding guests arrive, with Shawn getting a cigar from one which shows him visions of a dark future. Shawn and Isabelle's wedding is interrupted by an unexpected face.
The Gospel According To Collier 311 August 13, 2006
Jordan Collier's surprise reappearance at Shawn's wedding sends Tom and Diana hunting for him. April Skouris returns to Seattle with a new boyfriend, Ben: a boyfriend Maia says will marry Diana.
Terrible Swift Sword 312 August 20, 2006
The Nova Group is released from NTAC and steals the promicin that Dennis Ryland and Haspel Corp had collected from Isabelle for Jordan Collier. April finds out about Diana and Ben's relationship and Kyle tries to find a way to help the 4400.
Fifty-Fifty 313 August 27, 2006
A video of Devon injecting herself with promicin is released onto the internet by Collier, making NTAC scramble to find the stolen promicin. When Devon is found, she is dying while Shawn tries to save her — and fails. Isabelle decides to take matters into her own hands and attacks the 4400 Center to draw Collier out. Diana decides to get out of the conflict.


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