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Paula Nakata
Paula Nakata.jpg
Portrayed by Donna Yamamoto
First appearance The Starzl Mutation
In-story statistics
Date of death Deceased
Occupation Attorney

Character History

The Starzl Mutation

Paula Nakata was a Starzl Mutant, and was #11 on the list of all 123 people who had the mutation. Paula was an attorney and enjoyed fitness courses. Paula met an unknown man while on her way to her apartment and exchanged pleasantries with him over exercising. When preparing to exercise on the apartment block's stairwell, the unknown man crept up behind her, and used his ability to oxidize every cell in her body, killing Paula. NTAC, who was investigating a previous murder that happened the same way, found a fingerprint on Paula's corpse that led to the identity of her killer - Sergeant Darren Piersahl.

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