Orson Bailey
Orson Bailey
Portrayed by Michael Moriarty
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Ability Shockwave emission
Disappeared June 11, 1979
Home Tacoma, WA
Occupation Former life insurance firm worker
Significant other Elizabeth Bailey (deceased)

Orson Bailey is a 4400 returnee who disappeared on June 11th, 1979. He was one of the first to develop abilities, and possessed Shockwave emission.

Character History Edit

Pilot Edit

On June 11th, 1979, Orson says goodbye to his work associate, Gregory Kensington, and gets ready for his anniversary dinner with Elizabeth Bailey, his wife. However, he is abducted before he gets to his car.

In the present day, Orson is returned at Highland Beach with the rest of the 4400. He is put into quarantine along with other returnees, and demands to make a phone call. A quarantine official rejects this request. Then, Maia Rutledge approaches him with a piece of tissue; seconds later, Orson's nose starts bleeding. When time comes to release the 4400, Orson leaves quarantine. He visits his aged wife, Elizabeth, at a nursing home where they reconcile.

He arrives at the present-day offices of Kensington & Bailey, where Gregory's son, Adam, has taken over. Bailey asks to be reinstated, but Adam says that due to his disappearance, this won't be possible. Orson leaves angrily and arrives that night at the Kensington estate, asking to talk to Adam. However, Adam ignores him, and the angry Orson's telekinetic ability manifests, shattering the estate and killing Adam. He is taken into custody by the Seattle Police Department, where Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris of NTAC question him, to no avail.

Orson goes back to the nursing home to visit Elizabeth, where he finds that Elizabeth has died. When the nursing home's manager, Alan Kushner, tries to comfort him, Orson throws a fit and manifests telekinesis again, causing objects to fly around the room. When he calms down, he leaves the scene.

Tom and Diana search for Orson, and find him at the Wyler Summer Cabin, mourning his wife. Tom tries to take him down, but is affected by his ability. Diana shoots Orson in the shoulder, subduing him. Orson is put into treatment at NTAC, in a stable condition.

No Exit Edit

Years later it is shown that Orson is still living in NTAC When P.J. uses his ability on Tom Baldwin, Diana Skouris and others. Jordan Collier is looking into an empty cell that has Orson's name on the door.

4400 Ability Edit

Orson has the ability of shockwave emission. In Pilot, he first manifested the ability, causing the objects, walls, and windows of the Kensington estate to shatter. He also managed to shatter Adam Kensington's skull from afar, killing him. When interrogated by Diana Skouris, he shatters some coffee pots. When notified of his wife's death, he begins to throw a fit at the nursing home, destroying light fixtures and medical equipment with shockwave emission. When confronted by Tom Baldwin and Diana at the Wyler Summer Cabin, Ors agitation seems to cause this ability to manifest, as well as give Orson nosebleeds.

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