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Nova Group
First appearance The New World
Location Seattle, WA
Purpose To protect the 4400 from those who would harm them.
Leaders Daniel Armand

The Nova Group describe themselves as the defensive wing of the 4400. Known members include:


The New World

Tom and Diana deal with a radical 4400 organization calling themselves the Nova Group that has launched attacks against Dennis Ryland and the other bureaucrats involved with the Promicin inhibitor scandal.

In a broadcast, the Nova Group promises the world a demonstration of their power on October 19.

In order to expedite the investigation, NTAC brings in Gary Navarro to assist but Tom and Diana soon discover that it is Gary, in fact, who's the mastermind behind the Nova Group.

Tom and Diana apprehend Gary, but he refuses to give any information about October 19. Meanwhile, it's learned that Shawn has been funding the Nova Group for months, unaware of their murderous intent. In an effort to right the wrong, Shawn helps NTAC arrest his contact in the Nova group, but this doesn't bring NTAC any closer to figuring out October 19.

October 19 arrives and the Nova group executes its plan, which is not an act of terror, but a positive demonstration of how the 4400 can benefit humanity.