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Noah Harris is a recurring character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. He is portrayed by Theo Germaine.

Noah is a transgender boy and one of the 4400 that mysteriously appeared on Belle Isle. Noah, like Mildred and Hayden, is a teenager who has been separated from family and home. These three bond together to find normal in the chaos and explore their new circumstances.


Discovering his ability

The guards sound an alarm and call all returnees to the lobby, where they announce that they'll be doing regularly scheduled check-ins and monitoring them through GPS ankle bands. When Noah starts singing Let it Shine, Ken warns him to be quiet.

Following their second check-in, Noah approaches Rev about his plan to get them back to Belle Isle. Noah hopes that it could somehow reverse everything.

Hayden catches Noah eating a BestTime Bar and asks where he got it from. Noah takes Hayden and Mildred to the room where the guards have hidden all the snacks. Mildred used her powers to break the lock on the cage, much to Noah's amazement. As they begin digging through various boxes of snacks, Noah sings a song about BestTime Bars. Steven, one of the guards, stumbles upon them, but just for a moment, he appears hypnotized by Noah's singing until he stops. When Noah resumes signing about snacks, Steven begins to fill his pockets, seemingly and suddenly obsessed with the snacks, though Noah's singing doesn't seem to affect Hayden or Mildred.

Rev joins Shanice, Claudette, and Andre in song. Ken commands them to stop, but when they don't, he shoves Noah, who hits his face on a chair. Rev checks in on a bruised Noah, who was just finally starting to feel a little better until he was attacked. He asks Rev about Belle Isle again, hopeful the green lights will come to take them back, but Rev warns Noah that he isn't certain that it would work that way. However, he promises Noah that he's going to make things right, but first needs to know everything that's being kept from him, starting with Noah's signing.

Noah is with the small group that is taken to Belle Isle, where Rev announces that he believes that they were sent to the future with mission by God and that he's supposed to lead them, as they were also given gifts, revealing to the other returnees that Mildred has telekinesis and that Noah possesses the ability to make non-returnees do what he says through song.[1]

Revealing his true self

Noah is examined by Andre, who reminds him not to sing when he gets around the reporters, as it would be extremely dangerous if his powers made the front page, but Noah explains that he can't always help it. Noah then confides in Andre that he's transgender and that he needs special medication to be his true self, but being from the Harlem Renaissance era, Andre is unfamiliar with the term. So, Noah explains to him what transgender means, and Andre agrees to get his medicine.

On the day of the press event, Noah is taken away by the medical staff, who claim that he's being taken to receive his medication at Agent Tanner's request, but Andre is suspicious, and Claudette concludes that the government simply didn't want the press to see Noah's face.[2]

Abilities and Skills

  • Musical compulsion: Noah's possesses the ability to influence non-returnees with song, as seen when he made Keisha and Jharrel fall asleep by singing Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word.[1]


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