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Nina Jarvis
Portrayed by Samantha Ferris
First appearance Wake Up Call
In-story statistics
Home Seattle, WA
Occupation NTAC Director

Nina became the director of NTAC in season two after succeeding Dennis Ryland; Ryland took his role back temporarily while Nina recovered from a gunshot wound. Nina returned as the director of NTAC after recovering from her injuries.

Nina was later dismissed and replaced by Meghan Doyle.


  • When Dennis Ryland is promoted to deputy director of NTAC, Nina takes over the Pacific Northwest Division. Her first order of business: reinstating Tom Baldwin and pairing him with Diana Skouris once again.
  • Nina takes advantage of Gary Navarro's ability to read minds by sending him into The 4400 Center as a spy to uncover Jordan Collier's plans. Navarro hears Collier mention a war between The 4400 and the government.
  • A "rage bomb" is unleashed by 4400 T.J. Kim upon NTAC. It only affects men, inciting them to act aggressively and violent. When Nina demands the male NTAC agents remain calm, a fellow agent shoots her in the shoulder.
  • Nina is absolved of all charges related to NTAC's role in the promicin inhibitor scandal and re-assumes control of the department upon her recovery.
  • Nina is replaced by Meghan Doyle as head of NTAC's cases on the 4400