Nikki Hudson
Portrayed by Brooke Nevin
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Home Seattle, WA
Significant other formerly Shawn Farrell,
formerly Danny Farrell

Nikki Hudson is the next-door neighbor of the Farrells. She was Danny Farrell's love interest, until Shawn was returned, after which she and Shawn got involved romantically.

Character History Edit

Pilot Edit

Nikki, Danny, and Susan watch as the comet arrives. She kisses Danny before going off to find her parents.

Later, at Shawn's welcome-home party, she says hello to Shawn, and Danny introduces her as his girlfriend. At school, while others seem to view Shawn as a freak, Nikki gets close to him. She invites Shawn to a party, and when Shawn declines, on the grounds that he'll be unpopular, she gives him new CDs so that he can mix with the crowds better. Danny sees all this and becomes suspicious.

Nikki later witnesses Shawn's fight with Brad Rossi. At night, Nikki and Danny view a 4400-related website, only to be caught by Shawn, who accuses them of thinking of him as a freak.

Season 1 Edit

Nikki is originally Danny's girlfriend but Nikki decides to break it off. She and Shawn had become closer with her helping him adjust to life after his return. A relationship eventually occurs between Shawn and Nikki and the two share a kiss. Nikki states that the breakup between her and Danny had nothing to do with Shawn and is the one to tell Danny about the relationship.

Season 3 Edit

Nikki's father is suffering from pancreatic cancer, so she approaches Shawn. After healing her father Shawn and Nikki agree to go on a date later. When Shawn shows up for the date he tells Nikki he cannot see her anymore because it is the best thing he could do for her.


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