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Mildred Bell is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Autumn Best.

Mildred is a smart and observant teenager from the 1970s who has no idea how she got to 2021 Detroit. But she quickly finds a couple allies among the 4400 and seems surprisingly content to have left her past life behind.


Discovery of powers

Mildred is among the returnees to arrive in Belle Isle, Detroit. There, she meets Shanice and Andre, and they are taken to Bois Blanc Hotel. Mildred and Shanice are allowed a bathroom break. Shanice is overwhelmed by the entire ordeal. Mildred takes Shanice's hand and appears to telekinetically redirect the cameras and unlock the back door, allowing for Shanice to escape and find her family.

The returnees begin demanding their release, shouting "Let us out!" When one of the guards pulls out a nightstick, just for a moment, Mildred attempts to use her telekinesis to retrain him, but Hayden stops her. Hoping to prevent the situation from escalating, Rev. Johnston intervenes.[1]

Mildred is interrogated by Jharrel and Keisha, but she claims that she doesn't know anything about how Shanice got out, despite being the last person to be seen with her. Jharrel warns Keisha to ease up, but this leads to further arguing, so Mildred uses her powers to knock over a cup of coffee on to Jharrel's lap.

When Hayden notices Noah eating a BestTime Bar, he takes Hayden and Mildred to the room where the guards have hidden all the snacks. Mildred used her ability to break the lock on the cage, and the three of them begin digging through various boxes of snacks. It is then that they discover Noah's ability to control non-returnees through song.

Mildred is among the small group that is taken to Belle Isle, where Rev reveals that he believes that they were sent to the future with mission by God and that he's supposed to lead them. Additionally, he shows the other returnees that Mildred has telekinesis and that Noah possesses the ability to make non-returnees do what he says through song.[2]

Hayden's Birthday

Mildred, LaDonna, and Hayden recount their trip to Belle Isle. LaDonna compares them to superheroes and herself to the Kardashians in the sense that she brings a dash of reality TV fame, which neither Mildred nor Hayden is familiar with.

Mildred spreads the word that Hayden's birthday is tomorrow, and Rev decides to throw him a party. After he blows out the candle on his lobster, Mildred gives Hayden a homemade chess set and then kisses him, realizing that he must've saw that coming, given his ability. Hayden then jokes that he likes birthdays now.[3]

Abilities and Skills

  • Telekinesis: Mildred has the ability to move objects with her mind, demonstrated when she turned the security cameras and unlocked the door for Shanice to escape to reunite with her family. She also attempted to take a guard's nightstick until Hayden intervened.[1] The extent of her ability has yet to be fully tested, but she has been shown to be capable of breaking a lock on a cage and lifting Rev off the ground.[2]


Season 1


  • According to Autumn the character of Mildred was intended from the start to be disable in an way stating "This role would be tailored for the actress, so they didn't have a specific disability in mind -- they were just looking for someone who fit the character best, and they would craft the role around whoever they cast. Naturally incorporating the cleft hand into the character when Autumn landed the role.[4]
  • She and her sister both share the nickname "Millie".


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