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Loretta Landry is a guest starring character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Anji White.

Loretta is a reality TV star and LaDonna's self-absorbed mother.


That LaDonna Life pilot

Six years ago, prior to LaDonna's disappearance, she is handed her own spin-off, which they quickly start filming the premiere for. LaDonna selects her wardrobe from the clothes rack, but Loretta advises her against wearing an unflattering dress, as it wouldn't complement her figure. When LaDonna begins considering getting a degree in computer science, Loretta shuts her down and tells her to fix her face, as she has a zit coming in. LaDonna needs to start to think about her brand, not her brain, Loretta adds.

Loretta notices LaDonna hassling one of the crew members about miscellaneous light stands and wires. She interrupts and reminds LaDonna that it's not her job to be concerned with such matters. She also tells her daughter to step away from the window, as she "can't afford to get any darker."

LaDonna's aunt Cha Cha arrives, and she and Loretta get into a staged fight, during which Loretta tells LaDonna that reality TV requires drama, fabricated or otherwise. LaDonna would then begin to cry and storm off. Following her disappearance, Loretta would claim that she checked herself into rehab.[1]


Season 1