Lily Tyler
Portrayed by Laura Allen,
Tippi Hedren
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Ability Empathy
Disappeared May 26, 1993
Date of birth August 4, 1966
Date of death October 19, 2005
Home Seattle, WA
Residence 4400 center
Children Isabelle Tyler,
Heidi Moore
Other relatives Lily Bonham (grandmother)
Significant other Richard Tyler,
formerly Brian Moore

Lily Tyler (previously Lily Moore) is one of the 4400 returnees. She was implanted with Richard Tyler's DNA upon her return. As a result, she gave birth to Isabelle Tyler.

Character History[edit | edit source]

Richard Tyler sees Lily in quarantine. They introduce themselves and they discover that Richard knew Lily's grandmother, Lily Bonham. Lily reveals that she has a family to return to: her husband Brian Moore and their daughter Heidi Moore. But when the 4400s are released, neither Brian nor Heidi pick Lily up.

Lily heads back to the Moores' home, where she discovers that Heidi doesn't know her, and that Brian has remarried to a woman named Carol.

Later, Lily is at a doctor's office, where Dr. Emily Sanford notifies her that she is pregnant. She is bewildered by how this happened. Brian and Lily meet for lunch and Lily tells him that she's pregnant. Brian, however, remembers not being there in the weeks before Lily disappeared. He also tells her that he has placed a restraining order against her so that Lily does not interfere with his family. A saddened Lily goes to take a walk alone in Woodland Park. Richard finds her there, and the two develop a connection.

Lily discovers that not only was she impregnated in the future, but that she can also communicate with and feel her unborn child's emotions.

Lily and Richard flee the 4400 Center, living a life on the run from Jordan Collier and NTAC. During this time, the pair, along with newborn daughter Isabelle are hunted down by a religious zealot. But Isabelle saves her parents lives by willing death upon the stalkers.

Lily, unhappy with Richard for allowing Matthew Ross to conduct tests on Isabelle, secretly escapes The 4400 safe house with her child. Isabelle, apparently not pleased with her mother's decision, implants a series of horrifying visions in Lily's mind.

Mother and daughter return safely to The 4400 Center after Isabelle's blood helps cure the ailing 4400.

When Lily next checks in on Isabelle, she finds her daughter missing, not knowing that miraculously Isabelle has grown into an adult woman.

Lily wakes to find a husband who doesn't recognize her. Instead of a 29-year-old, Lily has aged overnight into an elderly woman.

Mother and daughter realize that for one of them to survive the other must die. Lily refuses to entertain the idea that her daughter might be sacrificed for her to live.

Lily's condition continues to deteriorate (despite the relief Shawn Farrell provides). She and Richard decide to spend their last days together in the cabin they once lived in. Shortly after arriving, Lily passes away.

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