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Life force manipulation
Life manipulation.jpg
Shawn uses his ability on a high school foe.
Held by: Shawn Farrell
Ability to: Control the flow of life force

Life-Force Manipulation is the ability to control the flow of life force within a living thing. With this ability, one can heal or harm another.



This ability allows the user to manipulate the life force within any living thing they touch. Shawn was able to use his ability to heal or harm anyone he touched. He usually used his ability to increase a persons life force and heal them of any ailment they suffered from. Whenever threatened he could also use it to drain an individuals life force which subdued and could potentially kill them. Shawn was able to heal a bird with a broken neck unintentionally and as his ability developed he was capable of healing any physical or psychological ailment; from a coma, to cancer, to blindness, to schizophrenia and autism. This ability cannot reverse natural damage that occurs to the body due to age, just temporarily alleviate them. When Lily Tyler was afflicted with advanced aging Shawn was unable to reverse it and could only temporarily alleviate her arthritis. As this ability grows so does the number of people it can be used on before needing recovery. Shawn needed to recover after healing just one person initially but was eventually able to heal dozens upon dozens of people who arrived at the opening day of the 4400 center, though it greatly weakened him and he required a lot of rest.

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