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LaDonna Landry is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Khailah Johnson.

LaDonna is a high maintenance Miami party girl and D-list reality TV star who disappeared on her 21st birthday. While she at first comes across as spoiled and shallow, she is actually just misunderstood.


Trapped in 2021

LaDonna is under the impression that she's simply being pranked by her friends after be returned, one of the guards inform her otherwise. LaDonna insists that people are looking for her and demands to leave, but they can't allow that. It is the that Steve reveals that the year is 2021, leaving many of the returnees in complete disbelief.

LaDonna exits the stall to find Claudette waiting for her. She asks the young girl to cut her. When LaDonna refuses, Claudette threatens to tell the guards that LaDonna just made herself throw up. So she relents and cuts Claudette's arm, which completely heals within seconds.

Claudette and LaDonna inform Andre of their discovery. LaDonna attempted to see if she could heal as well, but she couldn't. Gradually, Claudette has been feeling better, and now she's feeling great. Andre fears this could be detrimental to them all and advises them against telling anyone else.

Claudette thought LaDonna would be happier about at least getting to sleep in an actual bed, but she is simply still processing the entire ordeal while also feeling alone, and more than anything, she wants her phone back. One thing Claudette knows for sure is that that none of them are alone and that they're all in this together.[1]

LaDonna is interviewed by Jharrel and Keisha. She is under the impression that they must've traveled through time, but Keisha argues that they still don't know that for sure, even though the last thing LaDonna remembers is that it was 2015. All she wants is her freedom and to get out of her hideous "synthetic fabrics."

Claudette wants to test the limits of her healing ability and convinces LaDonna to break her finger while Andre supervises. LaDonna is initially hesitant, but when Claudette accuses her of being scared, she breaks her finger, which heals within seconds.

LaDonna is among the small group that is taken to Belle Isle, where Rev reveals that he believes that they were sent to the future with mission by God and that he's supposed to lead them.[2]

That LaDonna Life

A crowd has formed outside the hotel, demanding the release of the 4400, and LaDonna believes that all this publicity is good for them and that Steve, one of the guards, says that they're planning some kind of press event.

LaDonna has little recollection of when she was taken. All she remembers is that she was drunk and shooting the premiere of her reality show That LaDonna Life. With the cameras rolling, LaDonna selects her wardrobe from the clothes rack, but her mother advises her against wearing an unflattering dress. And when LaDonna begins considering getting a degree in computer science, Loretta shuts her down and tells her to fix her face, as she has a zit coming in. LaDonna needs to start to think about her brand, not her brain, Loretta adds.

LaDonna reveals her plan to leverage the government's need for an ambassador in exchange for her phone. Her media skills will help them in whichever way possible, she tells Keisha. As she describes her phone to Keisha, just for a moment, it seems to appear on the table behind Keisha, but disappears seconds later. Ultimately, Keisha and LaDonna agree to supervised time with LaDonna's phone twice a week.

Flashback to LaDonna filming her premiere. She approaches one of the crew members about the lighting stands and wires lying around that propose a hazard, but her mother Loretta interrupts and reminds LaDonna that it's not her job to be concerned with such matters and telling her daughter to step away from the window, as she "can't afford to get any darker."

While applying her makeup, LaDonna remarks that some accessories would be nice, and as if out of thin air, a gold necklace suddenly manifests around her neck, though it appears to be merely an illusion, as the necklace isn't actually there when she attempts to touch it.

The press event is underway, and LaDonna shows them around the hotel and navigates the press' questions effortlessly. One of the attendees recognize her and reveals that her mother claims that she went into rehab when she disappeared six years ago. Afterward, she approaches Jessica about her cellphone after having fulfilled her end of the deal. However, Jessica has no intentions of giving LaDonna her phone, reneging on their deal.

Soraya takes LaDonna into the security room and reveals that she has a rough cut of LaDonna's pilot. Seeing the premiere for the first time allows LaDonna to recall exactly what happened the day of her disappearance. Her mother and aunt have staged s fight, during which Loretta tells LaDonna that reality TV requires much needed drama, fabricated or otherwise. LaDonna begins crying and stumbles off onto the balcony, where she trips over the wires and falls off the side of the building before being taken by a green light. LaDonna then looks to the next computer over and sees the security footage throughout the hotel and sends it to Mariah.

LaDonna reveals to Andre what happened the day she was taken. Andre sees it as a blessing in disguise, as it saved LaDonna's life, and they would be severely loss without her intellect. While reviewing the medical journals gifted to him by Jharrel, Andre discovers a sheet of paper within one of the books. LaDonna isn't entirely sure what it means, but it seems to be an old computer language, like COBOL. With the books belonging to Jharrel's brother, who's also missing, but isn't a 4400, they suspect that Manny could somehow be involved in their plight.[3]

Skills and Abilities

  • Illusion projection: LaDonna's ability allows her to create illusions with a simple thought. She first discovered this ability when talking to Keisha about her phone that was taken from her. While describing the device, it appeared on a table behind Keisha, if only for a moment. She would later create the illusion of a gold necklace to go with her outfit ahead of the press event.


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