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Keisha Taylor is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Ireon Roach.

Keisha is a by-the-book parole officer who is called in as part of the government response to the 4400. Due to personal past tragedy, she is worried about the dangers these people could pose to society at large.


Investigating the Returnees

Keisha is instructed to work alongside her girlfriend and DHS Agent Jessica Tanner on the case of the thousands of people who showed up in Belle Isle last night. They're putting together teams of parole officers and social workers in hopes of gathering information from the returnees, and Keisha is partnered with Jharrel, who is far more considerate of the returnees than she is.

By the day's end, Keisha and Jharrel have interviewed 15 people and have gotten nowhere, though they have all cleared their medical screenings, which is enough of an indicator for Jharrel to presume they're not a threat, but Keisha isn't so sure. And when Jharrel suggests telling the public and alerting family members, Keisha informs him this wouldn't be a good idea. Jharrel leaves early as the final returnee for the day enters and asks for Keisha to conduct the interview solo. Keisha sits down with a kid named Hayden, though he hasn't spoken a word since he's arrived and doesn't intend to change that.

After learning Shanice has escaped, Keisha and Homeland track her down the following day to her husband's new residence and place her in handcuffs, which leads to an argument between Keisha and Jharrel, as she doesn't trust him, and he doesn't appreciate how she treats the returnees.

Keisha tracks Jharrel down to a bar and asks him if there is anything he wants to tell why he's so protective of Shanice. Jharrel is protective because he's seen what happens when the government treats people like they're problems. He fears how their government might react to the returnees. Also, his brother Manny is missing, and he thought he saw a green light out the window right after he left. This is the first time in a year that Jharrel had real hope, but there's no sign of Manny with the returnees. Keisha can relate to the feeling of losing someone that you're supposed to protect. Her sister was killed walking home from the library five years ago. She was shot and killed by a parolee who shouldn't have even had access to a weapon. They then notice a news report on the TV, detailing the mysterious return of 4,400 to Bell Isle two nights ago.

Keisha informs Jessica that news vans are outside and asks how she's holding up. Jessica is a bit overwhelmed. Some people they have no records of and others defy every logical explanation. The Pentagon is exploring every theory, including possibly aliens. Between the time period discrepancies and green lights, it's entirely possible. Jessica is at least glad that Keisha is near to help and warns her to be careful. As Jessica leaves, Keisha spots Hayden wearing a Missy Elliott shirt, which reminds her of her sister, who wanted to be just like the rapper, but Hayden isn't even familiar with her. He then tells Keisha to tell Jharrel that Manny is alright and that he's sorry for everything.[1]

Keisha and Jharrel conduct their second round of interviews, but she interviews Hayden alone to ask him how he knows about Jharrel's missing brother Manny, but Hayden claims that he doesn't know Manny. When he said that Manny was alright, Hayden claims that it was just something he heard from people talking. After meeting with Hayden, she speaks to Rev, who lost something on Belle Isle the night of their return and needs to get it to a woman and a child. So, Keisha makes him a deal. If he gives her their names, she'll look into finding them in exchange for Rev telling her everything he knows about how he got to Detroit.

After meeting Soraya, the new IT girl and hearing her theory about possible alien abductions and time travel, Keisha goes to Logan and asks for his help in breaking through to Shanice.

Keisha checks in on Hayden and bring him some food after hearing about the incident with the guards. Keisha explains that the guards are there for everyone's protection and that them disobeying the rules makes it unsafe for everyone. Hayden argues that they aren't safe as it is, so long as none of them are free.

Keisha and Jharrel meet away from the hotel and devise a plan to take a group of the returnees back to Belle Isle as a show of good faith and to hopefully gather some clues as to what happened the last time they were there. That night, Keisha gathers the returnees for the trip to Bell Isle. When they arrive with the returnees, they are put to sleep by Noah's song and have no recollection of just how they fell asleep by the time they awaken. Fortunately, Keisha had her body worn camera, though it broke when she fell to the ground.[2]

Keisha and Jharrel are tasked with finding a press ambassador within the 4400 for the upcoming press event. After coming up with nothing, Keisha is approached by LaDonna, who is willing and able to be their press ambassador, but only in exchange for her phone. Ultimately, they agree to supervised time with LaDonna's phone twice a week.

After Jharrel nearly ruins press day, Keisha follows him to his brother's apartment, where she advises him to do as she did when she lost her sister: find something that will keep his mind busy and allow him to focus on something other than himself.

Keisha is happy to learn that Jharrel will keep his job despite his outburst with the press. While Jharrel's timing was poor, Keisha admits that everything he said was true. Jessica can't believe that Keisha is defending him, but she explains that he's her partner. Jessica reminds Keisha that they're also partners, but Keisha is upset with Jessica for reneging on her deal with LaDonna. Jessica explains that she's under a lot of pressure and would appreciate it if Keisha was on her side, but Keisha doesn't see it that way and says that she's going to her place tonight.[3]


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