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Jharrel Mateo is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. He is portrayed by Joseph David-Jones.

Jharrel is an empathetic social worker who is partnered with community corrections officer, Keisha Taylor, to deal with the returned refugees.


Interviewing the Returnees

Jharrel is partnered with Keisha to investigate the thousands of people showed up in Belle Isle last night, but they don't get off to the best start, as Keisha wants to work strictly by the book, whereas Jharrel believes that the returnees are at least worthy of being treated like humans.

By the end of the day, Jharrel and Keisha have interviewed 15 people and have gotten nowhere, though they have all cleared their medical screenings, which is enough of an indicator for Jharrel to presume they're not a threat, but Keisha isn't so sure. And when Jharrel suggests telling the public and alerting family members, Keisha informs him this wouldn't be a good idea. Jharrel leaves early as the final returnee for the day enters and asks for Keisha to conduct the interview solo.

After Shanice escapes, Jharrel tracks her down to her old house and follows her when she seeks refuge for the night at her old babysitter's. He doesn't confront her until the following morning, where he agrees to arrange for her to see her family, so long as she agrees to come back to the hotel with him afterwards. And so, Jharrel takes Shanice to her husband, but their reunion is cut short by Keisha and Homeland Security.

After a small dispute about how they're handling the returnees, Keisha asks him if there is anything he wants to tell her, specifically a reason why he's so protective of Shanice. Jharrel is protective because he's seen what happens when the government treats people like they're problems. He fears how their government might react to the returnees. Truthfully, Jharrel reveals that his brother Manny is missing, and he thought he saw a green light out the window right after he left. This is the first time in a year that Jharrel had real hope, but there's no sign of Manny with the returnees. They then notice a news report on the TV, detailing the mysterious return of 4,400 to Bell Isle two nights ago.[1]

Searching for Manny

Jharrel and Keisha conduct their second round of interviews with the returnees but get nowhere. Afterward, they are joined by the new IT girl, Soraya, who has upgraded their security and analyzed the footage from Shanice's escape. Soraya believes the returnees were abducted by aliens and time traveled.

Jharrel and Keisha meet at a bar, far away from the watchful cameras at the hotel, to discuss taking a group of the returnees back to Belle Isle as a show of good faith and to hopefully gather some clues as to what happened the last time they were there. Keisha then notices a drawing on Jharrel's napkin. He and his brother used to draw them everywhere. One of them would start out a clock and the other would add a number, and they would keep adding until it was done. As for Manny, the returnees brought back his hope of finding him, but with no trace of him anywhere, Jharrel is hoping for closure should taking the returnees back to Belle Isle result in them going back.

Jharrel and Keisha arrive at Bell Isle with the returnees, but are put to sleep by Noah's song and have no recollection of just how they fell asleep by the time they awaken. Fortunately, Keisha had her body worn camera, though it broke when she fell to the ground.

Later that night, Jharrel finds a clock drawn on the wall on the hallway, similar to how he and Manny would draw clocks.[2]

Letting Manny go

Jharrel adds another number to the clock on the wall in the hallway that he believes was started by his brother Manny, but Soraya checked the cameras and no one passed through the hallway last night. He then goes on to attend a meeting, where he reunites with an old girlfriend, and they discuss the upcoming press event and how Jharrel and Keisha will be tasked with finding a press ambassador within the 4400 to speak with the press. After the meeting, Jharrel and Carla become reacquainted and she asks if Manny is a 4400. Not officially, Jharrel replies, though he shows Carla Manny's signature clock tag. She fears that Jharrel is becoming obsessed with his brother's disappearance again. He chased every lead and spent every night at Manny's place. Jharrel apologizes for being a bad boyfriend, but he refuses to give up on his brother, as he believes this may be his chance at finding him.

Jessica hands Jharrel his tailored statement for the press event tomorrow, but Jharrel hates the idea. He came to advocate for the 4400, not play puppet for the government, but Jessica is giving him no other choice, unless he wants off the assignment.

Jharrel interviews Andre, who asks for medical text and training. He also asks Jharrel for his help in acquiring Noah's medication, which Jharrel agrees to work on.

The day of the press event has arrived, and when it comes time for Jharrel to give his tailored statement, he goes off script and begins discussing how the 4400 are being held against their will, which Carla confronts him for, as he's not only risking his job, but hers as well. After she refuses to accept his apology, Jharrel goes back to Manny's, where Keisha joins him and advises Jharrel to find something else to focus on, which he does. He lets go of his brother and even gifts Andre his brother's medical textbooks.[3]


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