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Jessica Tanner is a recurring character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Wilder Yari.

Jessica is a DHS agent who is called in to work on the mystery of the thousands of people who have simply appeared out of the blue in Detroit. She has also romantically involved with Keisha for six months and is glad Keisha has also been called in to work on the bizarre situation.


Working the 4400 case

Jessica is assigned to work the case of the thousands of people who showed up in Belle Isle the night before and were taken to the Bois Blanc Hotel. There, she convenes with her girlfriend Keisha, who is also a correction officer assigned to the case. The ones they've managed to identify are all missing persons cases from the last couple of decades. They're putting together teams of parole officers and social workers in hopes of gathering information from the returnees.

After reporting to Keisha that Shanice Murray escaped, Jessica heads to the lobby, where the returnees are demanding their release. Rev. Johnston intervenes and suggests that the government show they're trying to help by at least opening up some of the rooms. Jessica initially tells him those rooms are closed, but Rev informs her it would go a long way as a good gesture.

Keisha informs Jessica that news vans are outside after the leak that they have 4,400 returnees in their possession. Jessica is a bit overwhelmed. Some people they have no records of and others defy every logical explanation. The Pentagon is exploring every theory, including possibly aliens. Between the time period discrepancies and green lights, it's entirely possible. Jessica is at least glad that Keisha is near to help and warns her to be careful.[1]

Press event

The government is leading a press event tomorrow to get a hold of the situation and dispel any rumors after the 4400's existence is made public. Jharrel and Keisha will be tasked with finding a press ambassador within the 4400 to speak with the press, but Jharrel is reluctant. Jessica adds that they want the world to see that they've provided a safe and welcoming environment for the 4400.

Jessica approaches Jharrel with his tailored statement for the press event tomorrow, but Jharrel hates the idea. While Keisha believes that he has a bleeding heart, Jessica simply thinks that he doesn't like to be a team player. Jharrel came to advocate for the 4400, not play puppet for the government, but Jessica is giving him no other choice, unless he wants off the assignment.

LaDonna approaches Jessica about her cellphone after having fulfilled her end of the deal as press ambassador. However, Jessica has no intentions of giving LaDonna her phone, reneging on their deal.

Jessica tells Keisha that Jharrel gets to keep his job despite his outburst during the event, as they don't want it to appear retaliatory, which Keisha is thankful for. While Jharrel has poor timing, Keisha admits that everything he said was true. Jessica can't believe that Keisha is defending him, but she explains that he's her partner. Jessica reminds Keisha that they're also partners, but Keisha is upset with Jessica for reneging on her deal with LaDonna. Jessica explains that she's under a lot of pressure and would appreciate it if Keisha was on her side, but Keisha doesn't see it that way and says that she's going to her place tonight.[2]


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