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Rev. Isaiah Johnston is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. He is portrayed by Derrick A. King.

Rev. Johnson is a black sheep reverend-scion, raised in a powerful and affluent church family in 1990s Chicago. While he is a man of true faith and compassion, he is accustomed to the power and clout afforded his position. He will emerge as a natural leader among the 4400.


Life in the 1990s

Rev is in a secret relationship with a woman outside of his congregation named Darlene, and she is 17 weeks pregnant with his child. She fears that Rev is getting cold feet about coming out to his parents about them. She reminds him that she can't care for a child on her own. Rev insists that he will tell them everything in due time. And he does just that, though his father isn't convinced that he truly loves her and tells him that he's going to need to find someone who understands his needs and the life he must lead, but Rev doesn't need a congregation. Furthermore, he admits that it doesn't feel right taking money from their people, but his father argues that it's not only right, but ordained.

Rev is later confronted by Darlene about her fears that he'll never leave his family and congregation to be with her. Rev claims that his parents will see their love and understand, however, Darlene is certain that he'll have to choose and that he won't choose her. And so, Rev confronts his father and accuses him of being a hypocrite. While they may have built the church at God's command, Rev believes they abuse it to their benefit. However, his father argues that they give the tired and sad people of the world something that's worth more than money and other material items, that being hope.

The night he disappeared, Rev was waiting for Darlene at a bar with the ring, but went to the bathroom only to never return, leaving her waiting at the bar.[1]

Arriving in 2021

Rev is among the returnees who are taken to Bois Blanc Hotel. There, he introduces himself to Claudette, but she doesn't seem too interested in speaking with him.

The returnees begin demanding their release, shouting "Let us out!" Hoping to prevent the situation from escalating, Rev. Johnston intervenes and suggests that the government show they're trying to help by at least opening up some of the rooms. Jessica initially tells him those rooms are closed, but Rev informs her it would go a long way as a good gesture.[2]

On a mission from God

Rev reveals to Keisha during their second interview that he lost something on Belle Isle the night of their return, and he needs to get it to a woman and a child. Keisha makes him a deal: if he gives her their names, she'll look into finding them in exchange for Rev telling her everything he knows about how he got to Detroit, starting with Shanice, who she suspects knows more than she's leading on.

Rev checks in on a bruised Noah, who was attacked by one of the guards. He asks Rev about Belle Isle, hopeful the green lights will come to take them back, but Rev warns Noah that he isn't certain that it would work that way. However, now seeing that what people need above all else is hope, he promises Noah that he's good to make things right, but first needs to know everything that's being kept from him, starting with Noah's signing.

As promised, Keisha and Jharrel take a small group of the returnees to Belle Isle, where after Rev finds the ring he intended to give Darlene, he has Noah put Keisha and Jharrel to sleep before revealing they were brought forward in time for a reason, as they were also given gifts. He explains that they've been brought to 2021 on a mission and that he is there to lead them.

Rev prays to God and pulls Darlene's ring from his sock. The ring he initially intended to give to Darlene, Rev now wears on his finger.[1]

Rev intends to throw Hayden a birthday party and approaches Claudette under the impression that she has kids, given that she's a woman and the time she's from, and asks how to throw a party for Hayden. However, she takes great offense to his assumptions and leaves.

As planned, Rev throws Hayden a surprise birthday party, much to Claudette's surprise. She reveals that her husband was also a preacher, and many times, he did things purely for show. Rev remarks that sounds more like his father. Hayden joins them and they wish him a happy birthday.[3]

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability neutralization: Rev's ability first manifested when he stop Mildred Bell from killing Bill Greene for exposing the 4400 powers to the world in order to imprison the 4400.


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