Heidi Moore
Heidi Moore.jpg
Portrayed by Genevieve Buechner
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Ability None
Parents Brian Moore,
Lily Tyler (biological mother),
Carol Moore (adoptive mother)
Children Unnamed half-brother

Heidi Moore is Lily Moore's daughter, from whom she was parted when Lily was abducted. Upon Lily's return, Heidi does not recognize her, since her father had remarried.

Character History[edit | edit source]

Pilot[edit | edit source]

Lily tells Richard about her family, including Heidi, who was only six months old when Lily was abducted. However, after Lily's release, she returns to the Moores' home, but finds that Heidi does not know her. Brian comes and explains that he has gotten remarried and that Heidi thinks that his new wife, Carol, is her mother.

Richard calls the Moore residence looking for Lily, and Heidi picks up. Heidi says that there's no one named Lily at the house, leaving Richard confused.

Later, Lily and Brian meet for lunch, and Brian notifies her that he has put in a restraining order against Lily for Heidi, to make sure that Lily's return does not disrupt his family.

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