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Hayden Turner is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. He is portrayed by Amarr Wooten.

Hayden arrives in 2021 from the 1930s where he was kept in an institution. Perhaps due to an unpleasant past, he doesn’t appear to speak but is compassionate and seems to have insight and knowledge into things he couldn't possibly know.


Arriving in 2021

Hayden is among the thousands of returnees to appear in Belle Isle and to be taken to Bois Blanc Hotel, where he is interviewed by Keisha, though Hayden hasn't spoken since his return and doesn't speak to Keisha.

The returnees begin demanding their release, shouting "Let us out!" When one of the guards pulls out a nightstick, just for a moment, Mildred attempts to use her telekinesis to retrain him, but Hayden stops her. Hoping to prevent the situation from escalating, Rev. Johnston intervenes.

That night, Hayden approaches Keisha and tells her to tell Jharrel that Manny is alright and that he's sorry for everything.[1]

Keisha conducts her interview with Hayden alone to ask how he knows about Jharrel's missing brother Manny, but Hayden claims that he doesn't know Manny. When he said that Manny was alright, Hayden claims that it was just something he heard from people talking. Hayden then reveals that he can't eat the new food and that they took away the BestTime Bars, which he very much enjoys.

Hayden notices Noah eating a BestTime Bar and asks where he got it from. So, Noah takes Hayden and Mildred to the room where the guards have hidden all the snacks. Mildred used her powers to break the lock on the cage, and the three teens begin digging through various boxes of snacks. It is then that they discover Noah's ability to control non-returnees through song.

Hayden gets an unexpected visit from Keisha, who wanted to check on him and bring him some food after hearing about the incident with the guards. Keisha explains that the guards are there for everyone's protection and that them disobeying the rules makes it unsafe for everyone. Hayden argues that they aren't safe as it is, so long as none of them are free.

Keisha gathers the returnees for the night trip to Bell Isle. She hopes that this will at least make Hayden feel better, but he intends to stay behind. When Keisha and Mildred ask why, he replies that he just has to.[2]

Hayden's 91st Birthday

Hayden reveals to Mildred that his birthday tomorrow. He then plays a game of chess on a mate in three puzzle with Cora, as they don't have an actual set. Noah joins them after learning from Mildred that Hayden's birthday is tomorrow and that he's turning 91. Noah is much more excited than Hayden, who doesn't like his birthday, as there is never much to celebrate when you're locked up.

Rev organizes a birthday party for Hayden. They wish him a happy birthday, topped off with a lobster with a candle on it. Hayden wishes Noah was with them and thanks everyone for making his birthday special. Mildred then gives Hayden a homemade chess set and kisses him, realizing that he must've saw that coming, given his ability. Hayden then jokes that he likes birthdays now.[3]

Skills and Abilities

  • Precognition: Hayden possesses the ability to see the future, demonstrated when he stayed behind on the night trip to Bell Isle in order to let Shanice's daughter Mariah into the hotel.


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