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Harlem's Renaissance Man is the fourth episode of the first season of The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400.[1]


WALKING ON SUNSHINE - Finally there is some good news for a few of the 4400. Andre looks to study some of his new friends but mistakes from his past begin to affect him in present day. Rev finds some information about his son.


LaDonna has failed to decipher the code they've found in Manny's book and is in need of a coding book. She also reveals to Andre that she leaked footage of the hotel conditions in hopes of their release. Meanwhile, Andre has been tracking timelines given that the abilities have been manifesting randomly. He'd also like to understand if their abilities have any effect on the body and asks for LaDonna's help with an experiment. He assesses her baseline vitals while she's using her abilities to create the illusion of medical equipment, during which her heart rate slowed.

Jessica calls a meeting to discuss the leaked video regarding the conditions within the hotel, as she claims they were exaggerated and that the FBI are investigating the leak. Given the video, they're rolling out a pilot program: Project Reintegration. They will be allowing a select few out for a day trip, which Jharrel insists is nothing more than a PR stunt. Keisha and Soraya ask about the fact that some of the returnees claim they traveled through the time, not to mention the theories about aliens and sleeper cell terrorists. Jessica explains that all they can do for now is confirm to the public that the 4400 aren't a threat to society.

Keisha and Jharrel inform the 4400 about Project Reintegration

Keisha and Jharrel inform the 4400 that tomorrow they'll be launching Project Reintegration. It's a stepping stone towards their release. Andre volunteers so that he can visit a modern medical facility, but four of the returnees have already been selected by the government: Rev, Shanice, LaDonna, and Claudette.

Jharrel takes Andre to the old bar in the hotel and allows him to work in the space. He advises Andre to keep his head down and hopefully he'll be picked for the next outing. However, they both know that neither Shanice nor Claudette have been keeping their heads down. Still, Jharrel assures Andre he'll put in a good word for him.

Flashback to before Andre was taken. He reveals during a party how he and Dr. Weaver have cured seven out of ten rats, mostly due to Andre's work. Andre's research will cure bronchial infections, and it will only enhance his residency status at their very own hospital in their own neighborhood. Andre and his lover Cynthia then dance and celebrate this momentous occasion. He assures her that all his work in the lab will pay off in the end.

Keisha and Jharrel both get a text from Soraya about having found something on the Belle Isle footage, but they arrive at her office to find her being hauled away by the FBI.

Keisha confronts Jessica about Soraya's arrest. According to forensics, only Soraya's computer had access to the leaked footage.

Jharrel asks Rev and LaDonna if they would like for him to contact their family, however, they both decline, wanting to know more about the world first, deciding to go to the library instead. Rev would also like to go a church as well.

Mildred shows Hayden a new trick

As Hayden and Mildred wait for Andre, Mildred shows him a new trick — she disables his ankle monitor, explaining that she did it to Shanice's earlier by accident. Andre joins them and explains that he seek to learn more about their abilities. While talking a baseline pulse from Mildred, he notices her deformed hand, which she explains that she's had since birth. She then asks Andre what kind of doctor was he. Andre was a medic in the Great War. When he returned, he ran a clinic, but then he began focusing on respiratory and bronchial research.

Mr. Weaver informs Andre that he has raised the funds needed for them to move forward with human trials. However, Mr. Weaver has been passing Andre's work as his own, which Andre confronts him on, as he has been doing most of the work, to which Mr. Weaver replies that Andre should just be pleased that he was mentioned at all.

Shanice asks Andre is he has any insight on their powers, but he hasn't made much progress yet. And he's feeling like a rat trapped in a cage. As for Shanice, she has decided against going to see her daughter on her outing in fear of making things worse. She also doesn't know who she is to Mariah or Logan anymore. For her, it's been two weeks, but for them, it's been 16 years.

The following day, Shanice and Claudette join Jharrel in the lobby as they prepare to leave for their outing. However, with the press just outside the door, Jharrel decides to have the ladies escorted to the loading dock instead of going through the front doors. LaDonna and Rev then arrive. And unlike Shanice and Claudette, they are far more willing to confront the press head on.

While in the car with Shanice and Claudette, Keisha finally realizes that they are indeed from the past as they take in this new Detroit, which has changed so much since their time. Before long, they arrive at Ms. Grover's for a visit.

Jharrel escort Rev and LaDonna to the library, where Carla awaits with a small camera crew to get a few photos of them. Admittedly, both Jharrel and Carla feel ridiculous having to babysit a couple of adults in a library. She then reveals that she's responsible for Jharrel keeping his job, as she knows that he cares about the 4400. When Jharrel knew Carla, she wanted to be a journalist who was going to seek out the truth no matter the cost. They were going to fight "the Man" together, now she is "the Man," leaving Jharrel to question what happened. She explains that real life happened.

Andre goes searching after Hayden when he doesn't show up for his examination. Hayden explains that he doesn't like being poked, prodded, and strapped down. Andre has no intentions of doing any such thing. He simply wants to help. Hayden then has a vision, and Andre takes his pulse as he explains that he was holding flowers that he thinks were for Mildred. Hayden explains that Mildred was his first kiss and that he's never had a girlfriend, looking to Andre for love advice. Andre agrees to teach Hayden all he knows about women in exchange for Hayden helping with his research.

Flashback to Andre and Cynthia. Andre has brought his work home but takes a break to dance with her girl. He explains that she's tired of being under Dr. Weaver's thumb. And just then, Cynthia begins to cough, suggesting she may very well be sick, but she insists that she's fine.

Rev asks for Jharrel's help in tracking down his family's church through the internet. LaDonna joins them, but not before using her abilities to cloak her coding and medical books as fashion magazines. Meanwhile, Rev discovers that his father has been profiting off his death and that his son Quicy was disowned by his family for being part of the LBGTQ+ community.

Mrs. Grover gives Shanice and Claudette a quick run down of black history and all that they missed, including the first black President, Barack Obama. They're in the era of "Black Lady Excellence," Mrs. Grover explains. When Keisha heads outside to make a call, Shanice reveals to Mrs. Grover that some of the 4400 have been developing powers, such as herself and Claudette. Shanice can see the memories of those she touches, which she first discovered when she hugged Mariah and saw her call Bridget "Mom." Mrs. Grover reminds Shanice That Bridget has been there for Mariah her entire life and that if Shanice wants to fix the past, she first has to figure out the present.

Rev cries while hearing audio of his son embrace the LGBTQ+ community. He wipes his tears as Jharrel approaches and tells him that it's time to leave. Jharrel then gets a call from Keisha, who reveals that he's right about the 4400 being normal people and being deserving of their freedom. However, she hangs up with Jharrel and rushes back inside after noticing Claudette holding her hand over a burning camera, though when she gets inside, Claudette appears fine.

Mildred panics

Andre wants to test the limits of Mildred's abilities, during which Mildred reveals that she doesn't want to leave the hotel, as she already has everything she could ever need, including friends and her own room. Andre checks Mildred's pulse as she lifts several liquor bottles above the bar. She does so successfully and is doing fine until he touches her neck. Mildred panics and drops the bottle. Andre continues to check her pulse and when he places his fingers on her neck again, the bottles on the bar break and the chandelier comes crashing down, causing shards of glass to fly everywhere and cut Mildred.

Keisha and Jharrel get word of the supposed freak accident in the bar involving Mildred and Andre. This worries Keisha, but admittedly, the outings went as well as imaginable. While there's still so much mystery surrounding the 4400, Jharrel simply wants to take the win.

Rev, Shanice, and Claudette return

Shanice, Claudette, LaDonna, and Rev reconvene at the hotel, where LaDonna and Steve reveal that Mildred was sent to Ipsy Med after an incident with Andre in the bar. Steve then guides them back, where the other returnees await with many questions. Claudette asks if Rev found anything out about his son. Rev replies that he doesn't have a son.

Hayden confronts Andre for hurting Mildred, pushing him and accusing Andre of only caring about his experiments. He then storms out the room, brushing past LaDonna, who on the bright side, at least managed to bring back some medical and coding books. In one of the books, Andre discovers that his research was successful and that Cynthia was cured.

Flashback to the day he was taken. Andre returns with good news. He convinced Dr. Weaver to give Cynthia a spot in their human trials. She's patient #7, though Cynthia isn't interested in being one of his experiments, and she becomes further distressed upon learning that Andre brought one of his lab rats home. Andre assures Cynthia that his work will cure her, but Dr. Andre isn't what she needs at the moment. She needs her loving partner to simply be there for her. However, Andre explains that his cure will save the world and that his work is bigger than Cynthia, who gets upset and leaves. Andre is then taken in a green flash of light.

Jharrel meets up with Carla in the park and apologizes to her for what he said back at the library, but she admits that he was right to call her a sell out. She's just as frustrated with the PR charade as he is. Not to mention that the Mayor wants the city to take custody of the 4400, but the feds have stone-walled them and won't let them in on any information they've gathered, leading Carla to suspect that they're hiding something.

Claudette picks a handful of Magnolia flowers and gives them to Hayden to give to Mildred. She reveals that they represent long life to those who give and receive them. Hayden realizes this was his vision, but questions what is the purpose of seeing the future if he couldn't see that Mildred was going to get hurt or if she'll recover. While the powers aren't a solution to everything, Claudette explains that Mildred is strong and will pull through.

Andre blames himself for Mildred's injury, as he was consumed by his studies. He reveals to Shanice that his former lover Cynthia was sick, and he recently found out that he did in fact cure her, but in their last moments together, all he cared about was the work. He also blames himself for not being there for her. Shanice would hug him, but she doesn't want to invade and see something in his memory. Andre doesn't want to make the same mistake again of pulling away from something he cares about, revealing to Shanice just how much he cares about her. He then allows Shanice to see in his head and discover that he's transgender. Shanice accepts Andre for who he is and kisses him.

Keisha examines her body camera to get another look at Claudette seemingly burning her hand. She keeps this secret from Jessica, who joins her and reveals that the reason Shanice and Claudette were chosen for the outing was the hope that something would go wrong so that the public could see that the 4400 are the problem. Keisha decides not to talk about work anymore and proceeds to kiss and undress Jessica.

Andre heads back to the bar, where he sees his old lab rat Gustavo run under a hidden door, which opens to a secret passageway.



Guest Starring


  • Vinh Nguyen as Steve Miller
  • Kaja Brielle as Singer
  • Joseph Anthony Byrd as Munro Maynard
  • Donterrio as Deondray


  • The episode title is in reference to Andre.


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