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Genevieve Buechner
Genevieve Buechner.jpg
Character Heidi Moore
Date of birth 10 November 1991
Origin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gender Female
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Genevieve Sterling Buechner is the actress who portrays Heidi Moore.


Genevieve Buechner was born in Edmonton, Alberta, to single parent mother Tea Buechner. When her family moved to Vancouver, she took a small course in acting from the Vancouver Youth Theatre. After completing the course, she went on tour with the youth theater as the youngest member of the cast. She was scouted by Robert Carrier and signed to Carrier Talent Management in Vancouver.

At age ten Buechner got the lead role in a Toronto film production 'St. Monica'. The film went on to be a festival success playing across North America and being selected for the Berlin Film Festival, the Atlantic Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and the Vancouver Film Festival. She was nominated for a Canadian Leo Award for Best Lead performance by a female in 2003 for that role.

She has since been nominated for Best Actress in a supporting role for her portrayal of Tamara Adama in the TV Series "Caprica"

Her stepfather is folk musician Geoff Berner.

Personal Quote

"I'd love to play someone really evil ...evil characters are what the story revolves around. Its fun to play the hero, but really without the evil guy there is no story. You could have a story with only bad guys but a story with only good guys would be pretty dull."


  • Her nickname is Genna.

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