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Gary Navarro
Gary Navarro.jpg
Portrayed by Sharif Atkins
First appearance Voices Carry
In-story statistics
Ability Telepathy
Disappeared January 5, 1973
Home Canada
Occupation former NTAC recruit,
former NSA agent,
former member of the Nova Group

Gary Navarro is a "4400" with the ability of telepathy.

Prior to his abduction (January 5, 1973), Gary Navarro only worried about baseball and getting to the Major Leagues. After his return, Gary hoped to continue his life's goal. Although NTAC Agent Tom Baldwin had promised to help him gain control his recently emerged telepathic abilities, Gary was picked up and made a spy for NTAC, an NSA agent, and eventually a member of the 4400 radical terrorist organization, Nova Group.

Gary was first used by NTAC to spy on the newly opened 4400 Center, reading the mind of Jordan Collier to dig up information. After he was uncovered as a spy, he was taken by the NSA to be used to find 4400s from hostile nations. His job was to eliminate them before they could be developed as weapons. Finding out he'd been used to kill his own kind pushed Gary to then join Nova.

While working for Nova, Gary was captured when he attempted to murder Dennis Ryland. Agents loyal to Ryland subjected Gary to torture, including waterboarding, at the NTAC facility. When Tom Baldwin objected to his cruel punishment, NSA arranged to remove Navarro to another remote facility. Navarro was gladly freed in transit by the Nova group but after T.J. Kim's murder, Gary became dissatisfied with the Nova Group's operations and tired of the war, so he quit.

After a larger controversy where he escaped re-capture by NTAC thanks to Alana Mareva, Tom finally fulfilled his promise to Gary and helped him flee from the United States. Gary is currently a fugitive, reportedly in Canada.

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