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Tom and Diana race to find a kidnapper targeting 4400 children as Shawn learns that a mistake from his past could have deadly consequences.

Gone, Part I
Season Three, Episode 304
Gone 1.jpg
Airdate 25 Jun 2006
Written by Bruce Miller
Directed by Morgan Beggs
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Gone, Part II


Diana and Maia are approached by a woman claiming to be Sarah Rutledge, Maia's long lost sister, born after Maia's abduction.

But the concept of fitting another Rutledge into her life becomes the least of Diana's worries when Sarah abducts Maia.

It's learned that Sarah isn't Maia's sister but an agent from the future who has been sent back to abduct Maia, and other selected 4400 children, to be re-seeded into the past. As a consequence of this mission, Maia and the other kidnapped children will be forgotten by the present.

Elsewhere, Shawn has decided to leave the protective confines of The 4400 Center to do more healing within the community. But his goodwill mission ends in disaster when he's attacked but left unharmed.

The Nova Group claims responsibility, and warns Shawn that there are greater consequences ahead for his betrayal.

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