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Dennis Ryland
Portrayed by Peter Coyote
First appearance Pilot
In-story statistics
Ability None
Home Seattle, WA
Occupation Former director of NTAC,
Director of Haspel Corporation
Children Nancy Ryland

Dennis Ryland is Tom Baldwin's friend who used to be his boss at NTAC. Ryland was then replaced by Nina Jarvis, and went on to become director of Haspel Corporation

Character History


Dennis rallies the troops in order to face the incoming comet. Diana Skouris, Sid Stradner, and Colin Chen all work under his command, but as they telephone their loved ones, they find that the comet is coming in for a landing instead of crashing. He sends Diana to investigate at Highland Beach, where the 4400 are returned.

When Tom asks to be rehired, Dennis considers it thoughtfully before agreeing. He partners Tom up with Diana, and shows them footage from the quarantine facility where all the 4400s are being held. Later, he announces to the team that the 4400 are being let go. The day everyone leaves quarantine, Dennis gives a speech instructing them with procedural matters.

Later, when Orson Bailey kills Adam Kensington with telekinesis, Ryland calls Diana and Tom in to investigate. Meanwhile, Maia Rutledge was sent to a foster family, but was returned by the parents. Dennis goes to talk with her, to try to figure out why. However, Maia doesn't reveal anything.

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