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Danny Farrell
Portrayed by Kaj-Erik Eriksen
First appearance Pilot
In-story statistics
Ability Promicin diffusion
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Home Seattle, WA
Parents Susan Farrell (deceased)
Siblings Shawn Farrell
Other relatives Tom Baldwin (uncle),
Kyle Baldwin (cousin)
Significant other formerly Nikki Hudson

Danny Farrell is Shawn's brother.

Character History


Danny, Nikki Hudson, and Susan watch as the comet approaches. When Nikki leaves, Danny and his mother hide out in their home. When the comet lands at Highland Beach, and a bunch of people appear, Susan sees Shawn in the crowd.

When the 4400s are released, Susan and Danny welcome Shawn home. At Shawn's welcome-home party, Danny introduces Nikki to Shawn. Later, at school, Danny witnesses Brad Rossi bully Shawn, and also sees Nikki and Shawn flirting in the hallway. After school, Brad and Shawn fight, and Shawn uses unusual methods to subdue Brad. Danny witnesses this and asks Shawn what he did; Shawn says that nothing happened.

That night, Danny and Nikki browse a site about 4400s. Shawn catches them in the act, and Danny explains that what he saw Shawn do to Brad wasn't natural. Shawn leaves, annoyed at Danny's perceptions of him.

Promicin-induced Ability

After taking promicin, Danny acquires the ability of Promicin Diffusion, his body produces too much promicin and releases it as a germ and infects the people around him with promicin, this promicin either gives an ability or induces death. The promicin eventually kills Danny's mother, prompting him to take the promicin inhibitor. Causing him intense pain, he then begs his brother to end his life. Shawn lays his hands on Danny’s chest, and tearfully drains the life out of him.

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