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Colin Chen
Colin Chen.jpg
Portrayed by Terry Chen
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Home Seattle, WA
Occupation NTAC analyst
Children Unnamed child
Significant other Unnamed wife

Colin Chen is a colleague of Diana's at NTAC.

Character History


Colin, Diana Skouris, and Sid Stradner work amidst the comet crisis, under Dennis Ryland. Colin tracks the other countries' missile launches, but everyone is shocked when the comet slows down and drops off 4400 people at Highland Beach.

Later, when Ryland announces that they are letting all the 4400s go, Colin and the others have a discussion regarding this latest development. Colin points out that China and Egypt are refusing to repatriate citizens, although Ryland insists that nobody's getting forced out — those who wish to leave may do so.

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