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Claudette Williams is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. She is portrayed by Jaye Ladymore.

Claudette is a preacher's wife from the 1950s who was active in the early Civil Rights Movement. She is surprisingly quick to adapt to 2021 and realizes that she may be a totally different person in this new time — in surprising and consequential ways.


Dropped in Detroit

Claudette seems to have sustained a leg wound upon her return. The last she remembers, she was in Mississippi. Rev. Johnston introduces himself, explaining how he has inherited the position, but Claudette isn't interested in speaking with him any further.

Claudette seeks medical attention from Andre, who applies a bandage and asks why she didn't come see him sooner, to which she replies that he could've been a charlatan masquerading as a doctor and that she's no stranger to pain. Andre assures Claudette that he's a real doctor, as he runs a clinic in North Harlem. After he bandages her leg, the two then examine the lobby, noticing white people in the room as well. Claudette and her husband have been jailed for organizing the vote for black people, and assuming they're truly in 2021, she had hoped there would be more progress.

When Andre checks back with Claudette's wound, it has nearly healed completely. Elsewhere, Jessica calls Keisha out into the hallway to reveal that Shanice has escaped.

Claudette waits for LaDonna to exit the stall and asks the young girl to cut her. When LaDonna says no, Claudette threatens to tell the guards that LaDonna just made herself throw up. So, LaDonna relents and cuts Claudette's arm, which completely heals within seconds. Claudette and LaDonna then inform Andre of their discovery. LaDonna attempted to see if she could heal as well, but she couldn't. Gradually, Claudette has been feeling better, and now she's feeling great. Andre fears this could be detrimental to them all and advises them against telling anyone else.

Claudette thought LaDonna would be happier about at least getting to sleep in an actual bed, but she is simply still processing the entire ordeal while also feeling alone. One thing Claudette knows for sure is that that none of them are alone and that they're all in this together. She then heads over to the piano and plays a tune for the returnees to dance to. However, one of the guards approaches Claudette and orders her to stop, which she does after tripping and hurting her arm on the piano.

Claudette asks Shanice where she disappeared to yesterday. Shanice reveals she got out after a door opened on its own. Claudette concludes that this is why the guards are behaving as so, and asks if it's true that they're in 2021, which Shanice confirms. She begins to wonder why they were taken and returned. For some reason, they're special, meaning they're not powerless and have value.[1]

Testing her limits

Claudette wants to test the limits of her healing ability and convinces LaDonna to break her finger while Andre supervises. LaDonna is initially hesitant, but when Claudette accuses her of being scared, she breaks her finger, which heals within seconds.

As Ken makes sure all returnees are accounted for, Claudette, Shanice, and Andre begin singing We Shall Not Be Moved. Ken commands them to stop, but when they don't, he shoves Noah, who hits his face on a chair. While Andre checks on him, Ken exclaims that order will be maintained and reminds them that he makes the rules.

Claudette, LaDonna, and Andre are among the small group that is taken to Belle Isle, where Rev reveals that he believes that they were all sent to the future with mission by God and that he's supposed to lead them. Claudette, however, isn't impressed and doesn't trust Rev, fearing what he will do with such power should the others choose to follow him.[2]

Claudette eagerly turns down the offer to be the 4400's press ambassador for the press event, especially since she's being held against her will and the job is without pay. However, LaDonna reveals her plan to leverage the government's need for an ambassador in exchange for her phone. Rev then approaches Claudette under the assumption that she has kids, given that she's a woman and the time she's from, and asks how to throw a party for Hayden. However, she takes great offense to his assumptions and leaves.

Claudette is upset that LaDonna is willfully going along with being a press ambassador, but Andre believes that she has it under control. It is then that they notice Noah being carried away. The medical staff claim that he's being taken to receive his medication at Agent Tanner's request, but Claudette concludes that the government simply didn't want the press to see Noah's face. And later that evening, she attends Hayden's birthday party.[3]

Abilities and Skills

  • Rapid cellular regeneration: Claudette possesses the ability to heal. The extent of her injuries thus far have been minor, such as the scar on her leg and the deliberate cut on her arm from LaDonna's nail. However, with each injury, she appears to heal faster than the time before.[4] She also had LaDonna intentionally break her finger in an attempt to test her limits. The finger in question healed within seconds.[5]


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