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Cassie Dunleavy
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Portrayed by Tristin Leffler
First appearance The Wrath of Graham
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Character History

Cassie Dunleavy is seemingly the physical manifestation of Kyle Baldwin's ability. She makes her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, "The Wrath of Graham".

Cassie first approaches Kyle in a park where she poses as an art student. During the course of their conversation she suggests Kyle inject his cousin, Shawn Farrell, with promicin to snap him out of his coma. Kyle takes her advice and Shawn is awakened.

Kyle later returns to the park to tell Cassie what happened, but she is not there. He tries to track her down at the art school she mentioned, but no one has ever heard of her.

When he next sees Cassie (in "Fear Itself"), he confronts her with this information. She does not tell him who she really is but instead encourages him to enter a house whose owner maintains a makeshift museum devoted to the 1918 cult, the White Lights. Among the artifacts Kyle encounters there is a book that describes the coming of a messiah whose portrait physically resembles Jordan Collier. There is also mention of a healer and a shaman, whom Cassie later reveals as Shawn and Kyle, respectively. She also reveals in this episode that she is Kyle's ability, and only he can see her.

In "Audrey Parker's Come and Gone", Cassie instructs Kyle to steal the book describing the White Lights prophecies that he had read in the previous episode. Kyle does as she asks, leaving a $100 donation for the curator as compensation.

Cassie later appears while Kyle is reading the book to tell him to meet her at the intersection of Forbes and Shady at 2 a.m., "where it's all beginning." She warns him that if he doesn't show, he'll never see her again. Kyle does show up at the appointed time, and is there to witness a car crash that leads to the liberation of Isabelle Tyler, in transit to her new holding facility.

Later, in the episode entitled "Tiny Machines", Kyle finally begins to lose faith in the wisdom of Cassie's advice. When Isabelle, under the influence of the now-Marked Tom Baldwin, turns her back on the movement and kidnaps Jordan Collier, Kyle angrily accuses Cassie of deceiving and manipulating him. Her response indicates that Isabelle's betrayal was all part of a larger plan, and that in Jordan's absence it will fall on Kyle to assume leadership of Promise City.

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