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Cameron Bright
Also known as Cameron Douglas Crigger
Character Graham Holt
Date of birth 26 January 1993
Origin Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Cameron Bright is the actor who portrays Graham Holt.


He lives on Vancouver Island with his mother Anne, older brother Bryce and 3 dogs. At the age of 6, he filmed his first commercial. In 2002, at only 9 years old, he worked in his first lead role in the movie Godsend (2004), alongside Academy award-winner Robert De Niro. One month after completing Godsend (2004), Cameron was filming his next lead in Birth (2004), playing the reincarnated husband of Academy award-winner Nicole Kidman. The role of "Sean" in Birth (2004) would land Cameron his first nomination for a major award. Since landing his first lead at the age of 9, he has carried 13 lead roles in major movies, and appeared in 4 TV series as a guest star. He has been a guest presenter at the Breakthrough of the Year, BC Leo and Gemini awards, as well as being nominated for 8 major awards, himself.


  • He has a German Shepherd named Broomacre's Jetsetter aka Rommel.
  • Has played a young boy who falls in love with an older woman four times: Birth (2004), "Stargate SG-1" (1997) (2005), Walled In (2009) and An American Affair (2009).

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