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Brian Moore
Brian Moore.jpg
Portrayed by Andrew Airlie
First appearance Pilot episode
In-story statistics
Home Seattle, WA
Occupation Lawyer
Children Heidi Moore,
Unnamed son
Significant other Carol Moore,
formerly Lily Moore

Brian Moore was Lily's husband before she was abducted. Upon her return, Brian had already remarried, leaving Lily heartbroken.

Character History


In quarantine, Lily describes her family to Richard Tyler. However, when Lily heads back her former home, she discovers that Heidi doesn't know her, and that Brian has remarried to a woman named Carol.

Later, Brian and Lily meet for lunch and Lily tells him that she's pregnant. Brian, however, remembers not being there in the weeks before Lily disappeared. He also tells her that he has placed a restraining order against her so that Lily does not disrupt his family. In season two, though Heidi hears Brian and Carol talking about Lily. So Heidi goes and sees Lily . After the visit Brian then lets Lily go and see Heidi because Heidi hurt her spleen.

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