Ben Saunders
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Portrayed by Brennan Elliott
First appearance The Gospel According To Collier
In-story statistics
Occupation Artist/Art Gallery Owner
Significant other Diana Skouris, formerly April Skouris

April resurfaces with a new boyfriend, Ben Saunders, but the relationship was immediately complicated by Maia's prediction that Diana would be the one to ultimately marry Ben. When Ben broke it off with April, his chemistry with Diana quickly turned into a full-blown romance.

Character History[edit | edit source]

The Gospel According to Collier[edit | edit source]

Ben Saunders was a professional artist and gallery owner, who traveled all over the world to view the world's beauty and became learned and wise. He also took pictures of famous places where he had been to, as reminders of his travels.

While in the United States, Ben met and became the boyfriend of April Skouris, and eventually moved to Seattle to share an apartment. On the way, April brought Ben to meet her sister Diana and adoptive niece Maia, who April informed Ben that Maia was a member of the 4400 and could see the future. Maia, indeed, had a vision shortly after the meeting: that Ben would marry Diana instead of April. Maia told Diana of this, who in turn told Ben when he came to give some pictures of his time in India. Ben believed her, and agreed with Diana to never visit again and stay away from each other for April's sake.

Believing that a precognitive child had told him that he was with the wrong person, Ben couldn't live up to his promise and broke up with April. Ben later bumped into Diana at a grocery store, and they end up having a fun time. Diana, reluctantly attracted to Ben, later came to his art gallery, and loved his artwork. Succumbing to their feelings, Ben and Diana began an affair, hiding it from everyone else to protect April's feelings (this ended when Maia told April what she saw).

When Ben accepted a six-month-job in San Sebastian, Spain, he asked Diana to come with him, as he couldn't bear to be away from her. Diana was initially reluctant, but after Isabelle's rampage through the 4400 Center (and Maia's near-death experience), Diana accepted so she could spend as much time with her daughter in safety and get away from everything that is happening with the 4400.

Four months later, Diana went back to America to look for April, who was suspected of taking promicin. Ben and Maia initially stayed in Spain, but followed shortly after and lived in their apartment. After April was found, Ben asked Diana to come back to Spain with him, but Diana refused, saying that she was needed at NTAC and the search for Collier, and she was a part of all that was happening in the grand scheme of things. Ben knew this was true, and left for Spain, but planned to meet Diana again a few times a month to keep their relationship alive.

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