Barbara Tyson
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Character Lucy Gelder
Date of birth 1 Oct 1964
Origin Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Gender Female
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Barbara Tyson is the actress who portrays Lucy Gelder in Being Tom Baldwin.

About[edit | edit source]

Barbara Tyson is a Canadian actress and is a very popular face in Television, radio commercials and movies. She is best known for her role in hit TV series ‘Cold Squad’, ‘ER’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’.

Her acting career began with jobs as an advertising model. She worked during the day in an ad agency, she attended college classes by night. It was during this time that offers for small roles in theater and television came her way.

Tyson’s acting career came to the forefront, when she landed the part in the HBO Telefilm Between Friends, at the age of eighteen. This film also starred Carol Burnett and Elizabeth Taylor. Next came the role of Dawn Rollo in the daytime series Another World. Since her character was suffering from AIDS in this film, the role brought her a lot of attention and People magazine did a feature story on her.

She was selected as part of the cast in the Canadian television series Neon Rider. She played her role for about four seasons in this series. Next came the role of Agent Terry Carter in Two, in which she acted opposite Michael Easton.

Movies, which draw her out to her audiences, are ‘Beautiful Joe’, in which she plays opposite none other than glamorous Sharon Stone and ‘Final Cut’. Her supporting role in the movie ‘Pacific Heights’ also garnered a lot of focus on her. Her most recent roles are in the movie ‘The Christmas Secret’ and in ‘Final Destination’.

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