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Audrey Parker
[[Image:Young Audrey Parker.jpg]]
Portrayed by Constance Towers,
Laura Mennell (as young Audrey Parker)
First appearance Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
In-story statistics
Ability Astral Projection
Date of death Deceased
Occupation Library Volunteer

Character History

Episode:Audrey Parker's Come and Gone

Audrey has been logging her thoughts about promicin on her blog, reminiscing about the life she has lived and how her life has changed for the better since taking the promicin injection and gaining her new ability, making NTAC very concerned, as her posts may convince others to take the injection.

Using her newly acquired ability of Astral Projection Audrey travels throughout Seattle and views the artwork of a gifted up-and-coming artist, Vanessa, who's manager is a con man with a false identity planning to use Vanessa for her art to make as much money as possible then skip town. Audrey confronts Vanessa's manager in person and threatens to turn him in to the police for his previous crimes unless he leaves town. Later, While Audrey is astral projecting, the young, projected Audrey suddenly begins to feel a sense of vertigo. Her body has died and NTAC agents are investigating the scene. They find proof that she is in fact the blogger and suffers from rheumatoid arthritis for which her nurse administers morphine injections. Her cause of death was an overdose of morphine and it's speculated that she gave herself a morphine shot and accidently overdosed. While trying to determine if her death was accidental, the young, projected Audrey begins protesting, saying it was murder. All of NTAC's radio equipment briefly emits static and Audrey realizes she can leave messages on electronic equipment. Audrey begins to leave messages for Diana Skouris saying she was murdered, likely by Vanessa's manager. Audrey eventually projects herself to the house of her nurse and learns it was her nurse's son who killed her. He broke into her home to steal her jewelry and injected her with morphine to keep her asleep but did not intend to kill her. Audrey leaves this information on Diana's answering machine and the nurse's son subsequently admits his crime when NTAC brings him in. Audrey, having exhausted her energy and gained justice for her murder, fades away.

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