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April Skouris
Natasha Gregson Wagner.jpg
Portrayed by Natasha Gregson Wagner
First appearance voices carry
In-story statistics
Ability Truth Compulsion
Parents Unnamed father
Siblings Diana Skouris
Significant other formerly Ben Saunders

April is the artistic free-spirited sister of NTAC Agent Diana Skouris . When she was introduced she was the "black sheep of the family": unlucky, unmarried, steady job-less, and very untrustworthy. Maia, was briefly tricked into using her ability to choose lottery tickets and wager on sports for her "Aunt April." After this was discovered, Diana told April she was not allowed to see Maia and to come back one day when she is a better person.

Later in the series April returns with a handsome boyfriend named Ben and a successful job at her own tattoo shop. Although things seem up for her, things take a wrong turn. She proves to be unlucky in her relationship with Ben, recently losing him to her sister, Diana.

April becomes depressed and coming to the realization that her life is pointless she takes a promicin shot, gaining the ability to make anyone truthfully answer any direct question she asks. She used this ability to make a living blackmailing people, and falls in love with a man named Colin. However, one of her "marks" is the vice president of a Fortune 500 company which paid for hitmen and was selling defective armor to the military. The "mark" has April's new boyfriend murdered.

Shocked, sad, and frightened at her loss and the new danger she is in, April returns to Diana for help and for a short time helps them uncover the killer using her ability. April uses her powers to expose the head of the corporation to NTAC, and is later employed by the federal government, using her powers in interrogations. She and Diana leave off on a more positive note than before.