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Andre Davis is a main character on The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400. He is portrayed by TL Thompson.

Andre is a transgender male doctor from 1920s Harlem. He uses his skills to help treat the 4400 and while it takes him a while to adjust to 2021, he catches on quickly that the 4400 may be perceived as a threat.


Arriving in Detroit 2021

Andre is among the 4,400 returnees on Belle Isle. They are rounded up by Homeland Security and taken to Bois Blanc Hotel. There, Andre tends to the wounded, among them is Claudette Williams, who has suffered a bad cut on her leg. He asks why she didn't come see him sooner, to which she replies that he could've been a charlatan masquerading as a doctor and that she's no stranger to pain. Andre assures Claudette that he's a real doctor, as he runs a clinic in North Harlem.

When Andre checks back with Claudette's wound, it has nearly healed completely. Elsewhere, Jessica calls Keisha out into the hallway to reveal that Shanice has escaped.

Later, Andre learns that Claudette has enhanced healing. Gradually, Claudette has been feeling better, and now she's feeling great. Andre fears this could be detrimental to them all and advises them against telling anyone else.

Andre welcomes Shanice back after her escape and consoles her as she reveals that her husband has remarried someone else, who also raised her daughter. The two join the others and dance in the lobby until the guards bring an end to their joy. And when Claudette trips and hurts her arm on the piano, Andre offers to check her out in order to keep her ability a secret.[1]

Claudette wants to test the limits of her healing ability and convinces LaDonna to break her finger while Andre supervises. Miraculously, it heals within seconds.

Andre and Shanice are both having a restless night. Shanice reveals to Andre that her husband came to see her today. At first, she thought it was a good thing, but the gulf between them feels too wide. She doesn't know if she'll ever get her family back. As for Andre, who was taken from the 1920s, everyone he knew is dead.

Andre is among the small group that is taken to Belle Isle, where Rev reveals that he believes that they were sent to the future with mission by God and that he's supposed to lead them.

Shanice and Andre head back to their respective rooms, though Shanice is disappointed, as she thought they would hopefully return to their rightful places. However, Andre is at least grateful for what he's found in 2021.[2]

Exploring Transgenderism

Andre examines Noah's bruise on his face. He reminds Noah not to sing when he gets around the reporters, as it would be extremely dangerous if his powers made the front page. Noah then confides in Andre that he's transgender and that he needs special medication to be his true self, but being from the Harlem Renaissance era, Andre is unfamiliar with the term. So, Noah explains to him what transgender means, and Andre agrees to get his medicine.

Andre tells Shanice about Noah's predicament and expresses his fear of what could happen should the government learn about their abilities, which Shanice is also manifesting. Andre believes that with patience and study, they can identify and control their abilities. Even so, it would make Shanice no better at being a mom, recalling how she lied to Mariah. Andre advises Shanice to go easy on herself and simply be honest to Mariah.

Andre sits down for his interview with Jharrel and asks for medical text and training. He also asks Jharrel for his help in acquiring Noah's medication, which Jharrel agrees to work on. And when Noah is taken away by the medical staff to receive his medication at Agent Tanner's request, Andre blames himself.

As promised, Jharrel gifts Andre his brother's medical textbooks. Andre wonders if he is among the 4400. Jharrel had hoped. He even recalls seeing a green light the day of Manny's disappearance, but he doesn't think so anymore. While reviewing the medical journals, Andre discovers a sheet of paper within one of the books. LaDonna isn't entirely sure what it means, but it seems to be an old computer language. With the books belonging to Jharrel's brother, who's also missing, but isn't a 4400, they suspect that Manny could somehow be involved in their plight.[3]

Abilities and Skills

Andre is a licensed medical professional. Andre has the 4400 power to heal, but it comes at a price. Any injury or sickness Andre heals manifests itself as an illness within his own body, unless he can expel it by transferring it to someone else. Andre heals a guard at Ipsy Medical, but gets increasingly ill, until he accidentally transfers the injuries to a sadistic, racist guard at the hotel. Later he tests his ability by healing a cut for Shanice, then transferring the injury to Claudette, who is easily able to self-heal.


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