Portrayed by Rikki Gagne
First appearance Episode:Till We Have Built Jerusalem
In-story statistics
Ability Pollution elimination
Residence Promise City

Character History[edit | edit source]

Episode: 'Til We Have Built Jerusalem[edit | edit source]

Anastasia is a young woman who took promicin when she was depressed following the death of her fiancee in a car accident. She survived and gained the ability of Pollution Elimination. When she went on the run from the government due to promicin being made illegal, Anastasia joined with 99 other "promicin-positive" people and united under Jordan Collier's leadership.

Anastasia initially stayed in Evanston, WA with the rest of the group, but were forced to leave after NTAC learned of their existence. The group was then led by Collier's new protege, Kyle Baldwin, who directed them to go an abandoned bunker beneath Seattle from the guidance of his ability. When Collier annexed part of the city, declaring it Promise City, for the purpose of beginning to build a paradise, he recorded Anastasia using her ability to eliminate all the pollution in the Duwamish River Delta, one of the most polluted rivers in the United States, making it safe to drink, which Collier proved by drinking a cup-full of water then and there. Collier called Anastasia's ability "a miracle".

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