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All Things Are Possible is the second episode of the first season of The CW science fiction mystery drama 4400.


A CHANGE IS GONNA COME - As the 4400 become even more disenchanted with their accommodations, new rules have everyone on edge. Andre and LaDonna help Claudette push her new-found ability to new limits. Keisha and Jharrel explore a way to ease the tension for a small group of the returned and Shanice gets an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Rev begins to believe he may be part of a higher calling, but what will that mean for the rest of the 4400?


Rev prays to the Lord for guidance.

In direct response to Shanice's escape, DHS is installing an upgraded security system, as well as taking away the snacks and piano from the lobby.

Jharrel and Keisha conduct their second interview with Shanice, explaining that she took a risk and could've potentially exposed her husband and daughter. However, Shanice is only concerned with her freedom and accuses them of imprisoning her unlawfully. Keisha suspect that Shanice is behind the leak to the media that there are 4400 returnees.

Jharrel and Keisha bring in LaDonna, who is under the impression that they must've traveled through time, but Keisha argues that they still don't know that for sure, even though the last thing LaDonna remembers is that it was 2015. All she wants is her freedom and to get out of her hideous "synthetic fabrics."

Moving on to Mildred; she claims that she doesn't know anything about how Shanice got out, despite being the last person to be seen with her. Jharrel warns Keisha to ease up, but this leads to further arguing, so Mildred uses her powers to knock over a cup of coffee on to Jharrel's lap.

Keisha conducts her interview with Hayden alone to ask how he knows about Jharrel's missing brother Manny, but Hayden claims that he doesn't know Manny. When he said that Manny was alright, Hayden claims that it was just something he heard from people talking. Hayden then reveals that he can't eat the new food and that they took away the BestTime Bars, which he very much enjoys.

Rev. Johnston has been cooperating with them since the beginning, but there's been no move to release them. Keisha explains that it would help if people weren't leaking information to the press and escaping custody. Rev reveals that he lost something on Belle Isle the night of their return, and he needs to get it to a woman and a child. So, Keisha makes him a deal. If he gives her their names, she'll look into finding them in exchange for Rev telling her everything he knows about how he got to Detroit, starting with Shanice, who she suspects knows more than she's leading on.

Flashback to Rev prior to his abduction. He is in a secret relationship with a woman outside of his congregation named Darlene, and she is 17 weeks pregnant with his child. She fears that Rev is getting cold feet about coming out to his parents about them. She reminds him that she can't care for a child on her own. Rev insists that he will tell them everything in due time.

Jharrel and Keisha are joined by an IT girl and self-proclaimed "texpert" named Soraya. She was hired to sharpen up the security, during which she analyzed the footage from Shanice's escape. Based on her body language, Soraya concludes that Shanice wasn't prepared for the escape and took advantage of the situation. Furthermore, she suspects that the returnees were either abducted by aliens or time traveled, but Keisha is looking for a more logical explanation. Soraya then asks why Shanice hasn't been allowed to speak with her family after being cleared by medical.

Keisha approaches Logan at his home and is hoping that he will come back to the hotel with her to hopefully convince Shanice to talk with them, as Keisha has failed to get through to her. Initially, Logan is reluctant, as he doesn't want to get involved, as he has Mariah to think about, who is watching their entire conversation from the door cam.

Claudette wants to test the limits of her healing ability and convinces LaDonna to break her finger while Andre supervises. LaDonna is initially hesitant, but when Claudette accuses her of being scared, she breaks her finger, which heals within seconds.

Ken tells Noah to stop singing

The guards sound an alarm and call all returnees to the lobby, where they announce that they'll be doing regularly scheduled check-ins and monitoring them through GPS ankle bands. When Noah starts singing Let it Shine, Ken warns him to be quiet.

Shanice is brought back to the interrogation room, but this time to speak with Logan. He still is in a bit of disbelief that she doesn't remember what happened for the last 16 years. He remarks that the hotel reminds him of the place they stayed at up north when they had to have the house fumigated while Shanice was six months pregnant. All Shanice knows for sure is that she didn't leave, though she did admittedly consider leaving at one point during her postpartum depression, but she never followed through with it. She never told him because she didn't know how to. Logan adds that she was never good at asking for help. Shanice asks that Logan bring Mariah by, but he doesn't think that's a good idea, as no one really knows what's happening just yet. He also worries that Shanice could disappear again. On his way out, Shanice asks if he has any other children. Logan reveals that he doesn't.

The alarm sounds for their next check-in, led by Ken. Afterward, Noah approaches Rev about his plan to get them back to Belle Isle. Noah hopes that it could somehow reverse everything. LaDonna compares it to the show Outlander and is then called away by Claudette and Andre.

Hayden notices Noah eating a BestTime Bar and asks where he got it from.

Keisha and Rev further discuss their deal and how Rev has turned the Belle Isle trip into some kind of campaign after convincing people that going back will somehow undo everything, despite having no proof of this being true. In reality, Keisha knows that Rev just wants to go back to find whatever he lost. Rev admits that he's uncertain what could happen when they return to Bell Isle, but either way, he has to go back and make things right with his family.

Prior to being abducted, Rev leads a service and praises God along with the congregation. Afterward, his father congratulates him on a job well done. It's about time he starts giving Rev some more responsibility. Rev then reveals he's been seeing a woman, but she's not a part of the faith. Nevertheless, Rev loves her, though his father isn't convinced and tells him that he's going to need to find someone who understands his needs and the life he must lead, but Rev doesn't need a congregation. Furthermore, he admits that it doesn't feel right taking money from their people, but his father argues that it's not only right, but ordained.

Logan returns home and is confronted by Mariah for going to see her mother without telling her. Some kids at her school are saying that the 4400 are part of some kind of foreign invasion. She assumed her dad would talk to her about it, but he's actually avoiding it. Logan explains that it's complicated and that she can't go see Shanice just yet, as it's simply not safe.

Noah takes Hayden and Mildred to the room where the guards have hidden all the snacks. Mildred used her powers to break the lock on the cage, much to Noah's amazement. The three teens begin digging through various boxes of snacks. Mildred explains that she's only had these powers since she's been back and doesn't know what to make of them. Noah then begins to sing a song about BestTime Bars as Steven, one of the guards, stumbles upon them, but just for a moment, he appears hypnotized by Noah's singing until he stops. When Noah resumes signing about snacks, Steven begins to fill his pockets, seemingly and suddenly obsessed with the snacks, though Noah's singing doesn't seem to affect Hayden or Mildred.

Andre and Shanice are both having a restless night. Shanice typically slept like the dead, but she's been struggling to since her return. She reveals to Andre that her husband came to see her today. At first, she thought it was a good thing, but the gulf between them feels too wide. She doesn't know if she'll ever get her family back. As for Andre, who was taken from the 1920s, everyone he knew is dead. Shanice changes the subject to the Rev and how he wants to go to Belle Isle, where maybe everything will simply reverse itself.

As Ken makes sure all returnees are accounted for, Shanice, Claudette, and Andre begin singing We Shall Not Be Moved. This makes Rev recalls the time Darlene confronted him about her fears that he'll never leave his family and congregation to be with her. Rev claims that his parents will see their love and understand, however, Darlene is certain that he'll have to choose and that he won't choose her.

Rev joins Shanice, Claudette, and Andre in song. Ken commands them to stop, but when they don't, he shoves Noah, who hits his face on a chair. While Andre checks on him, Ken exclaims that order will be maintained and reminds them that he makes the rules.

Rev checks in on a bruised Noah, who was just finally starting to feel a little better until he was attacked. He asks Rev about Belle Isle again, hopeful the green lights will come to take them back, but Rev warns Noah that he isn't certain that it would work that way.

Rev recalls his final fight with his dad over Darlene. Mr. Johnston reminds Rev about his responsibilities to their people, but Rev accuses his father of being a hypocrite. While they may have built the church at God's command, Rev believes they abuse it to their benefit. However, his father argues that they give the tired and sad people of the world something that's worth more than money and other material items, that being hope.

Rev resumes his conversation with Noah, now seeing that what people need above all else is hope. He promises Noah that he's good to make things right, but first needs to know everything that's being kept from him, starting with Noah's signing.

Hayden gets an unexpected visit from Keisha, who wanted to check on him and bring him some food after hearing about the incident with the guards. Keisha explains that the guards are there for everyone's protection and that them disobeying the rules makes it unsafe for everyone. Hayden argues that they aren't safe as it is, so long as none of them are free.

Keisha and Jharrel meet at a bar, far away from the watchful cameras at the hotel, to discuss taking a group of the returnees back to Belle Isle as a show of good faith and to hopefully gather some clues as to what happened the last time they were there. They will arrange to make a night trip while the guards are gone. Keisha then looks down on Jharrel's napkin and notices a drawing. He and his brother used to draw them everywhere. One of them would start out a clock and the other would add a number, and they would keep adding until it was done. As for Manny, the returnees brought back his hope of finding him, but with no trace of him anywhere, Jharrel is hoping for closure should taking the returnees back to Belle Isle result in them going back.

Keisha gathers the returnees for the night trip to Bell Isle. She hopes that this will at least make Hayden feel better, but he intends to stay behind. When Keisha and Mildred ask why, he replies that he just has to.

Keisha and Jharrel arrive at Bell Isle with the returnees, among them Shanice, Andre, Claudette, LaDonna, Mildred, Noah, and Rev, who finds the ring that he intended to give Darlene. Keisha reveals that she tracked Darlene down, who gave birth to a son. Rev is happy, but he has to let them go. He made the wrong choice back then and thinks that his displacement in 2021 is God showing him his calling.

Rev leads a prayer with the other returnees. Keisha turns on her body worn camera, but then Rev signals Noah to start signing Hush Little Baby, Don't Say a Word, which causes Jharrel and Kiesha to fall asleep within moments. Rev then begins to talk about how they were taken away from the comforts of their lives. Someone of them came hoping to make that go away, but it won't, Rev reveals. He believes they were brought forward in time for a reason, as they were also given gifts, revealing to the other returnees that Mildred has telekinesis and that Noah possesses the ability to make non-returnees do what he says through song. As Rev hovers in the air with Mildred's help, he explains that they've been brought to 2021 on a mission and that he is there to lead them. Claudette, however, isn't impressed and doesn't trust Rev, fearing what he will do with such power should the others choose to follow him.

Jharrel and Keisha discuss what happened at Belle Isle. Keisha is certain that they didn't just fall asleep, rather something put them to sleep. Just as she's about to pull up the footage from her body worn camera, Soraya joins them and asks to know what happened about Belle Isle, considering she's the one who took the ankle bracelets offline. Keisha is reluctant to share with Soraya, as she doesn't know why she's helping them. Soraya explains that she doesn't like that the government is keeping the returnees locked up. So, if Jharrel and Keisha are trying up help the 4400, then she wants to help the two of them. And so, Keisha plays the video from her camera, which doesn't show much, as the camera breaks when she falls to the ground. Soraya volunteers to head back to the office to see if she can pull anything more from the footage.

Rev prays to God and pulls Darlene's ring from his sock, recalling the night he disappeared. He was waiting for her at a bar with the ring, but went to the bathroom only to never return, leaving her waiting at the bar. The ring he initially intended to give to Darlene, Rev now wears on his finger.

Shanice and Andre head back to their respective rooms, though Shanice is disappointed, as she thought they would hopefully return to their rightful places. However, Andre is at least grateful for what he's found in 2021. When Shanice returns to her room, she finds Mariah waiting for her.

Jharrel finds a clock drawn on the wall on the hallway, similar to how he and Manny would draw clocks.



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  • The episode title is a direct quote from Rev, who was reference Mark 9:23 from the bible.


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