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Agent Falcone
Portrayed by Julius Chapple
First appearance Carrier
In-story statistics
Date of death Deceased
Occupation NTAC Agent

Character History


Falcone is an NTAC Agent partnered with Agent Mortimore. During the hunt for 4400 Jean DeLynn Baker, whose ability to launch subatomic plague spores had accidentally wiped out an entire town, Falcone and Mortimore were able to track her down first with help from a tip-off received by NTAC from Shawn Farrell. Equipped with state-of-the-art bio-hazard gear (which was impervious even to an anthrax attack), Falcone, Mortimore and two other agents surrounded Jean's hotel room and launched tear gas through the window and stormed through the door and tried to restrain her. Frightened and confused, Jean accidentally triggered the spores release from the blisters on her hands, killing Falcone, Mortimore and the other two agents by liquifying their internal organs. Jean then took Falcone and Mortimore's cellphone and car and escaped.

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