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So far, there have been four books written that tie in to The 4400 (TV series). The first two take place before Season Four and the last two take place afterward.

There have also been at least two companion guides written, for Seasons Two and Three.

The Vesuvius Prophecy

On a field trip to Mount Rainier with her school, Maia has a vision of the mountain erupting due to the influence of a 4400 ability. This sets off a race between NTAC and the Nova Group to get to the 4400 Maia saw in her vision first. All they have to go on to find him is "DB Cooper".

This book is set between Graduation Day and The Home Front in Season 3.

Wet Work

An international assassin is abducted after a hit by the future and put back eight years later with the rest of the 4400 with the ability to control the flow of time. She starts to go after several of her superiors in the CIA as well as a number of 4400s who have gone rogue in terms of the future people's plans.

This book is set, for the first ten chapters, at the same time as the pilot and then after Carrier in Season 2.

Welcome to Promise City

Someone is trying to recreate the events of the promicin virus in The Great Leap Forward by changing people into clones of Danny Farrell and it's up to Diana Skouris and Tom Baldwin to stop them. At the same time, The Marked have captured Richard Tyler after he had assassinated one of them and placed him in the hands of Haspel Corporation to extract a confession that Jordan Collier is trying to weaponize promicin so they may invade Promise City.

This book is set after The Great Leap Forward in Season 4.

Promises Broken

Maia gives information to Jordan Collier concerning rogue promicin-positives in NTAC jurisdiction, resulting in severe damage to the area. When Diana gets home, Maia has run away to the Collier Foundation building. However, the US Army is about to invade Promise City and the last three Marked have a plan that will kill the world. The only person who can save the day is Tom Baldwin.

This book is set after Welcome to Promise City.